Brose Drive S

Brose Drive S

Only a handful of parts still bear the ‘Made in Germany’ badge these days. The Brose Drive S-motor is one of them and is produced in Berlin.

At first glance not much has changed from the older version, but on the inside sixteen new electronic components improve the performance significantly compared to the 2017 models. A new software package – which is also available as an update for the “older” Brose units – improves the performance of the motor drastically. The automotive supplier gives bike manufacturers a lot of freedom when it comes to integrating and configuring their motors.
This explains why different brands pick different battery capacities (400–770 Wh) and offer a vast variety of customised software options. Specialized models, for example, allow you to adjust the motor characteristics using an app, while ROTWILD customers can refer to one of the brand’s trained retailers to customise up to four pedal-assist levels

Torque max. 90 Nm
Battery capacity 400-770 Wh
Motor weight 3.4 kg
Battery weight manufacturer-specific

Support levels up to 4
App-controlled yes
Walk-assist yes
Compatible with front derailleur yes

The 90 Nm-strong motor releases its power very sensitively and works in a wide cadence range. The internal belt drive is very quiet and decouples entirely at speeds above 25 km/h, allowing you to keep riding the bike without experiencing any loss of power.
The Brose engages and disengages sensitively so that you can barely feel it – although depending on the software you might notice a little juddering when pedalling at low pace. If you’re looking for a very natural and unobtrusive ride, the Brose Drive S is your best bet.


– Natural ride feeling
– Good integration
– Quiet
– Decouples entirely


– Quite big

For more info head to: brose-ebike.com

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