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With all its propelling features, there is no reason to call the Cannondale Moterra Neo less than an off-road conqueror. Check our Cannondale Moterra Neo Review.
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Cannondale Moterra Neo Review

Get introduced to the sturdy yet agile e-MTB: Cannondale Moterra Neo.
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Cannondale Moterra Neo Review

The Cannondale Moterra Neo is a powerful mountain e-bike (e-MTB) designed for propelling off-road adventures. It adapts both a sturdy motor and a strong battery to make sure everything is OK for you to make the most out of your adventure, regardless of the terrain you’re riding off! Check our Cannondale Moterra Neo review.

If you’re an e-MTB lover, you’ll love the Cannondale Moterra. As stated by the manufacturer, here are the key features of Moterra Neo:

Key Features
WeightAround 40lbs
RangeUp to 60 miles
Max Speed28 Miles Per Hour
MotorShimano STEPS DU-E7000 250W
Battery504Wh, Lithium-Ion Battery
FrameSmartForm C2 Alloy Frame
Tire Size2.3 Inches
BrakesShimano MT200 Hydro Disc

It is simple to get the idea just by looking at these features. Below you will find a detailed explanation on these features and a summary of our test ride!


The Moterra Neo has a truly flawless design, integrating the battery to the frame on its downtube. The-mantis colored frame is composed of SmartFoam C2 Alloy, providing great advantage in both weight and durability manners. The aluminum frame means lightweightness to offer agility and fun, besides it brings more than enough strength for off-road adventures.

An SR Suntour XCR Boost 29 contributes to the agility that the frame brings, making you pass over the bumps comfortably. The center of gravity of the e-bike is low to provide stability, as the chainstays are short to make handling easier. 

Cannondale Moterra Neo 5
Cannondale Moterra Neo 5

And then there is the advanced geometry. The top tube of the frame leans downwards towards the seat post to make getting on and off the e-bike easier for shorter riders. The riser handlebars offer wide space for handling as the ergonomic lock-on grips provide comfort during your off-road adventure. Considering all these features, Cannondale Moterra Neo is incredibly fun to ride. 


Cannonball Moterra Neo adapts a 250W Shimano Steps DU-E7000 motor to make sure your e-bike reaches that mountaintop at its most efficient. The compact mid-drive motor is as lightweight as 6.1 lbs, yet strong enough to generate 75 Nm of torque, meaning the most powerful starts. Having every feature to make you conquer the toughest trails with minimum effort, Moterra Neo also adapts a Shimano STEPS display providing the ability to shift between different assist modes, besides giving vital information on your ride, such as speed, assist mode, battery level, etc.

Speed and Brakes

The top speed that Cannondale Moterra Neo is able to reach on assist mode is 28mph, a good value for an e-MTB. The e-bike also adapts Shimano Deore drivetrain that allows you to shift smoothly between 10 gears, which means the minimum effort in transitions from uphills to downhills, or vice versa.

The advanced braking power and brake levers coming with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes make stopping also easy even at the highest speeds. You will be able to ride your e-bike in full confidence.


When it comes to the battery, Cannonball Moterra Neo makes use of a sturdy lithium-ion battery of 504Wh capacity. Although this is good since it allows you to go for almost 60 miles (60 miles!) on the mountains, it takes 6.5 hours to recharge fully. Nevertheless it is very easy to remove the battery to charge separately, while replacing with a spare one in case you want to go for another 60 miles.


The tires of the Moterra Neo are a chunky pair of DNA Compound WTB Breakout, 29 x 2.3”. Guaranteeing both balance and comfort against the challenging bumps, the tires offer more than good resistance on the loose surface trails. They also contribute to safety with their reflective details on each side.

Cannondale Moterra Neo 5
Cannondale Moterra Neo 5

Extra Features

Although there is the option to retrofit lights, riding Cannonball Moterra Neo may not be safe in low light conditions since there are no front and rear lights, as well as a bell and horn. However, there are reflective details on the tires to ensure visibility! Also there are no fenders, which might be helpful in rainy and muddy conditions.

And we must add that the wires and battery are kept away from dirt and moisture with help of the internal cable routing and a weather-sealed battery cover. A quenching extra feature is the water bottle mounting cage on the down tube.

To conclude

The strong, versatile and agile Cannondale Moterra Neo provides the most fun adventures with a stable geometry and easy handling. You won’t have any concerns over your e-bike’s performance since its motor and battery guarantees an all day-long ride, regardless of the surface you’re riding on. While the tires will provide stability even at top speeds, the hydraulic brakes make you stop safe and strong on every surface.

Well, nothing is perfect and this applies to the e-bikes. For a safer and less-tense ride, front and rear lights and a pair of mudguards might definitely be useful. However, you can always upgrade your e-bike with simple steps.

Another hurdle might be the length of the time to fully recharge the battery, which might require a spare battery to carry.

In a nutshell, Moterra Neo is an outstanding option for riders who seek for tough, challenging mountain adventures. Hope this Cannondale Moterra Neo Review has helped you through your decision!

Advantages: Cannondale Moterra Neo Review

  • Compact motor
  • High top speed
  • Pleasant riding geometry
  • Long-range battery
  • Strong and lightweight frame
  • Robust disc brakes
  • Wide and fast-rolling tires
  • Pleasant riding experience

Disadvantages: Cannondale Moterra Neo Review

  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Expensive

If you don’t have any concerns over your budget, you can definitely opt for Cannondale Moterra Neo for your e-MTB adventures. With all its propelling features, there is no reason to call the Cannondale Moterra Neo less than an off-road conqueror.

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