Cannondale Quick Neo is a great mountain e-bike and an amazing ride for everyday commuting at the same time. Check our Cannondale Quick Neo review!
Cannondale Quick Neo review

Cannondale Quick Neo Review

cannondale quick neo review

Cannondale Quick Neo Review

As a start to our Cannondale Quick Neo review below, we can say that the Cannondale Quick Neo is an all-purpose e-bike to be your companion when you’re running your daily errands, commuting to work, or even riding on the mountains. After working on the Quick Neo series for a while, it seems that Cannondale hit the right chord.

We’ll come to how Cannondale did that, but first let’s check the key specs and get an idea about what the Quick Neo brings to the table. You can check all our Cannondale reviews just by clicking here!

Key Features
RangeUp to 62 miles
Max Speed20mph
MotorBosch Active Line Plus 250W
BatteryBosch Power Tube 400Wh
FrameCarbon Fiber Fork
Tire Size28×1.40 Inches
BrakesShimano MT200 Hydro Disc

With Bosch equipment and a high range, the Cannondale Quick Neo surely seems strong. Now let’s dive deep into these numbers and evaluate if they’re enough for your needs!


The Cannondale Quick Neo frame consists of alloy aluminum which is known to be durable and provide stability. And the shiny, emerald frame of the Cannondale Quick Neo justifies its reputation. Combined with the light carbon fiber fork, the alloy aluminum frame outperforms in terms of durability and stability. 

The frame is a classic diamond-shaped frame except the slightly ascending top tube. An appropriate frame shape for all terrains and all kinds of rides.

The Cannondale Quick Neo is of 33.9 pounds, an amazing number as you would be prepared to sacrifice the lightweightn for an e-bike this powerful. The lightweight frame is still strong, plus you’ll have no trouble transporting your e-bike.


The Cannondale Quick Neo is powered by the powerful Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor to assist you until you reach 20mph tops. Just like the frame, the Bosch motor is known again to be powerful although being lightweight. Plus it remains to work in silence even during the toughest rides.

The power assistance can be managed easily as the display constantly gives the battery level.

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Speed and Brakes

The Shimano’s mid-mount drive system sported by the Cannondale Quick Neo is a classic, allowing you to shift between 9 gears. Regardless of what speed you’re going at, the high-quality brakes provide flawless control over the e-bike. 


The Cannondale Quick Neo makes use of a Bosch Power Tube 400Wh. According to the test rides we found out that the average battery range is around 55 miles, rather than the advertised 72 miles. 72 miles would probably be achieved at times you use the Cannondale Quick Neo less frequently.

The time it takes to fully recharge the battery is about five hours. If it’s not quick enough you can carry a spare one with you as you can easily remove the battery from the bottom bracket.


When it comes to the tires, the perfect balance is achieved by The Schwalbe Energizer Plus. They are thick enough to provide a comfortable riding experience even if the road has a lot of holes and bumps on it. They’re also sporty as they don’t allow to sacrifice stability even at considerably high levels of speed.

What’s more?

The versatility of the Cannondale Quick Neo can be supported by mudguards and a pannier rack as there are mounting points for them. But note that they don’t come by default. Various reflective details on the frame enhances safety by providing visibility for night conditions. 

To conclude

There is no doubt that the Cannondale Quick Neo is a good companion for all kinds of rides thanks to its wide tires, great suspension, and flawless handling. It also developed with safety in mind, so you won’t have to worry about the road that much as you can stop easily even on wet surfaces.

Now the obvious reason that might change anybody’s mind: the price of the Cannondale Quick Neo is high enough to make you question if you need it. But you can be sure that it’s a good investment if you need an e-bike to ride every day, and under different environmental conditions.

Advantages: Cannondale Quick Neo Review

  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Flawless design
  • Convenient for various purposes
  • Handlebar offering comfort with complete control
  • Powerful alloy frame
  • Hydraulic disc brake system
  • Powerful motor

Disadvantages: Cannondale Quick Neo Review

  • Expensive

Considering its price, we can say that the Cannondale Quick Neo gives all it promises with such features. It’s both a great mountain e-bike and an amazing ride for everyday commuting. This multifunctionality is probably the reason it is so popular. You won’t be disappointed with Cannondale Quick Neo.

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