Cannondale Synapse Neo Review

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Cannondale Synapse Neo Review

One of the biggest concerns that traditional cyclists have over e-bikes is that it is actually a completely different experience to ride an electric bike than a conventional one. This applies especially on road e-bikes, which are stated to have very little in common with traditional road bicycles, in terms of performance qualities, feeling of the ride and balance.

This is where Cannondale Synapse Neo stands out! Let’s check the key features of Synapse Neo, which is developed to be that e-bike to provide the closest experience to riding a conventional e-bike in both performance and design manners.

Key Features
RangeUp to 93miles
Max Speed20 Mph
MotorBosch Performance Line CX 250W
Battery500 Wh, Lithium-Ion Battery
FrameSmartForm C1 Alloy, Carbon Fork
Tire Size2.6 inches
BrakesShimano 105 Hydro Disc, 160/160mm RT70 Rotors

Below you will find detailed explanations of the key specs listed above!


Only a few e-bikes could resemble a traditional gravel bicycle as the well-structured Cannondale Synapse Neo. To ensure a smooth cruise, the Synapse Neo is held together by the strong SmartForm C1 frame, combined with Out-Front geometry, SAVE micro-suspension and BallisTec carbon fork. Its battery is integrated inside the downtube of the frame, in order to achieve a flawless design. It almost doesn’t even show that it’s an e-bike, except the bulky downtube and expanded bottom bracket.

The flawless appearance is supported by the hidden cable routing design of the frame, also causing less mess to divert your attention away from your trail. The geometry of the Synapse NEO is designed to position your body both forward and upright enough so you can ride hard for a long time.

The top tube leans towards the seat tube for achieving minimum effort required for mounting and dismounting, and the drop handlebar offers various ways to handle it easily. The mountain racks adapted by the frame increases the e-bike’s loading capacity, and the hidden fender mounts allow the rider to have a pleasant ride under every kind of tough environmental conditions.

The position of the mid-hub motor contributes in achieving perfect balance for stability in handling, just note that the e-bike is a little far from being lightweight.


The Cannondale Synapse Neo makes use of a sturdy Bosch Active Line Plus unit, developed with increased performance and efficiency compared to its previous versions. The new Bosch Active Line Plus (Generation 3) is more effective in conserving the battery power, besides being lighter and smaller.

The motor provides 35Nm of torque in the low-assist ECO mode and 50Nm in TURBO mode, which means you will have great starts with this e-bike. It also gets you to the top speed of 20mph flawlessly, and at a higher speed the motor assist cuts off immediately. It is also one of the most quiet motors in the market.

Your hands will also have sufficient room for handling thanks to the Purion controller located at the center of the handle. Being one of the most ergonomic and minimalist controllers, it displays all the information you need regarding your ride, plus you can get to select one of the five riding modes for accurate support during your ride on different terrains. The display’s head unit also adapts an on/off switch and +/- buttons to shift between the modes. There is also a WALK+ function to let the motor assistance be delivered automatically, so that you can just concentrate on the road.

Brakes and Rims

When it comes to the brakes, Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes are there for achieving more than enough breaking performance. The break levers are so quick in reacting even to minor pulls. You’ll be able to reach the top speeds or go downhills without any concern under every environmental condition.


On a full charge cycle, the Bosch battery has an approximately 93 miles of range in ECO mode, which is a great number. Just note that this reduces to 28 miles on TOUR, SPORT and TURBO modes, which can also be considered as good especially with making the most out of the Bosch line motor. The Bosch 4Am charger also provides a considerable speed in charging. You can also remove the battery prior to charging, which also allows you to use your spare one.


With the Cannondale Synapse Neo, you’ll be riding on the 32mm WTB exposure tires, which are wide enough for smoothness on your trail as they absorb the smallest bumps. We should note that they lack reflector strips on the sides to increase visibility. There are also no rear lights or headlights adapted, so think carefully if you intend to ride the Neo at night. RD 2.0, 28-hole pair of wheels adapted by the Neo also combines well with the WTB exposure tires in delivering good performance.

To conclude

Truly, the Cannondale Synapse Neo is one of the best options if you intend to use it for your daily commutes with its features designed for urban rides, such as a pair of fenders, lights and the kickstand, and its carrying capacity. 

The battery and the powerful motor are in harmony with the concept of fast urban life. The top speed (which is the best an e-bike can do) and the efficient brakes also contribute to the agility of this e-bike. At this point we have to note that the motor can be a bit noisy. 

Another minus might be the price of this e-bike, which might be considered as expensive, but we guess that this price goes to the high performance of the Bosch motor, the smooth yet strong work of Bosch drive unit and the 93 miles that can be gone on a single charge on ECO mode. As we mentioned, you can also charge your battery when it is removed, to use a spare one to go for another 93 miles.

The e-bike also provides both good traction and strong connection with the road thanks to the SAVE micro-suspension technology used on the frame and fork assists. The riding geometry also endures the rider to go further without getting tired. Additionally, the braking performance and ease is guaranteed by the hydraulic disc brakes and the brake levers.

When added to the flawless and chic design, it is obvious that all these features make for a complete pleasant ride. But as we mentioned, the Synapse Neo could adapt more safety measures such as a bell, front and rear lights and reflector strips on the sides of the tires.

Advantages: Cannondale Synapse Neo Review

  • Smooth design of frame
  • Bosch motor and battery
  • Handy Purion display
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Long range

Disadvantages: Cannondale Synapse Neo Review

  • Considerable heaviness
  • No lights or a bell

To conclude, you can rely on the Cannondale Synapse Neo which brings high-performance features together: a powerful motor, long-range battery, and pleasant geometry and more. The Cannondale Synapse Neo makes an excellent choice for an authentic riding experience on different terrains -just make sure that you mount front and rear lights as well as a bell prior to start riding in the dark.

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