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Cannondale Topstone Neo Review

Cannondale Topstone Neo main

Cannondale Topstone Neo Review

The Cannondale Topstone has had a great reputation since its launch and the updated model Neo is raising the bar even higher as a companion for mountain adventures. Below you’ll find a detailed evaluation of what Cannondale Topstone Neo offers. But first, let’s check the key features. Check our Cannondale Topstone Neo Review below! Also by clicking here you can check our other reviews on Cannondale e-bikes!

Key Features
RangeUp to 77 miles
Max Speed20mph
MotorBosch Performance Line CX 250W
BatteryBosch Power Tube 500Wh
FrameBallisTec Carbon Frame
Tire Size1.45 inches
BrakesShimano GRX Hydraulic Disc, 180 Mm RT64 Rotors

Impressive specs, right? Let’s deep dive and see what they will really mean to you as the rider.


Although we got used to seeing aluminum frames on mountain bikes, the Cannondale Topstone has a carbon frame which really got us excited. This gives power alongside agility, though it adds to the total weight of the bike. Still the bike remains to offer a stable ride.

The frame comes in four different sizes and the Proportional Response Suspension Technology adapted by the Topstone arranges all the specs according to the frame size while balancing out the kinematics. The result is that no matter the size of the bike, the rider gets the same feeling and quality in riding.


The Cannondale Topstone Neo changed a lot during the update of its older sibling, but it makes use of the same motor, Bosch Performance CX. Similar to most of the Cannondale bikes, the motor is adapted inside the frame, providing room, protection of the motor and easy handling of the bike. Capable of generating 75Nm of torque, the motor ensures easy climbs no matter how steep is the hill you will come across. An impressive 28mph is the top speed the Cannondale Topstone Neo can assist you in the US. 

The Topstone Neo adapts a side cover with air vents to cool the motor. The suspension is also updated to ease the braking and accelerating, which are more responsive compared to the older model. The speed sensors adapted by the disc brake also contribute to these effects.

Cannondale Topstone Neo Review 1
Cannondale Topstone Neo Review 1


The Topstone Neo features reliable Shimano GRX hydraulic disc brakes to ensure that you get your prompt stop at its easiest, regardless of the conditions of the terrain you’re riding on. The huge brake rotors also protect the brake pads from any wear off and damage.


The Powertube 500Wh battery supports the Cannondale Topstone Neo, with its 500Wh power. This adds a 150Wh to the older versions of the Topstone. You can’t ignore that. The charging point is located in the seat tube, and you can charge your battery when it’s mounted. 

What we loved about the battery is that it only takes around 3.5 hours to fully recharge! One of the shortest you can ever see.


The Topstone Neo rolls on a pair of WTB Riddler TCS tires, which provide a confident and reliable riding experience thanks to the traction they have. The front and rear suspension eliminates vibration regardless of the harshness of the terrain.

What’s more?

The Bosch Kiox display has the feature to save ride logs and get them uploaded to your smartphone while connected via Bluetooth. Still it is not as practical and visible as the Bosch Purion display which was featured in the earlier versions of the Topstone.

The overall riding geometry of the Topstone Neo gives an amazing riding feeling, since it’s not too stretched or too bent forward. The powerful carbon frame assembles all features required to provide a sturdy yet smooth ride.

The latest version of the Bosch Performance CX is ready to assist you even when you face steep hills. And the battery takes only 3.5 hours to recharge? Amazing.

We admit that it is heavier compared to sporty mountain bikes. But the Topstone Neo definitely gives what it promises. 

The slight downside of the Topstone Neo is surely its price. Still it makes a good investment for a durable, reliable e-bike.

Advantages: Cannondale Topstone Neo Review

  • Four different frame sizes
  • Low risk of engine overheating
  • Easy handling regardless of terrain conditions
  • Protected motor and battery
  • Impressive braking

Disadvantages: Cannondale Topstone Neo Review

  • Pricey
  • Heavy

The Cannondale Topstone Neo is capable of accompanying you during your adventures under any conditions in terms of weather and terrain. Setting the bar higher in the e-bike market with high speed, ultimate comfort and good traction, the Cannondale Topstone Neo would be a wise purchase.

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