Cowboy 3 Review

cowboy 3 review

Cowboy 3 Review

The third-generation pedal-assisted e-bikes of Cowboy are here as our new companions for urban rides with the usual sleek “Cowboy” look and a removable battery. Compared to the sporty and adventurous Cowboy 2 of the last year, the Cowboy 3 seems to have matured. Adapting a wide range of features as safety measurement, such as decreased top speed, puncture-resistant tires and automatic crash detection, the Cowboy 3 obviously prioritizes safety over fun. The integrated lighting and rear light flashing red during the brakes are features coming from the Cowboy 2. And finally, a Cowboy that offers fenders. Below you can find our complete Cowboy 3 review! Enjoy!

What’s new?

The automatic crash detection, featured by both Cowboy 3 and the older sibling Cowboy (via a free update on the software) is our first to mention. The crash detection is able to determine crashes by analyzing the data gathered from the wheel’s speed sensor, the torque sensor and the accelerometer. Upon the detection of the crash, the SIM card integrated into the e-bike sends an alert to your one predefined emergency contact, alongside a real-time map displaying your location collected by the GPS radio of your e-bike. Of course you’ll have 60 seconds to confirm that you’re fine via the app before all these alerts are sent. So what about potholes or emergency brakes? The company states that the system can tell the difference between a crash and dropping your bike on the side, as the ratio of false positive incidents are “close to zero”. The GPS and Bluetooth is also handy in using the Find My Bike feature for anti-theft use.

Motor and Brakes

As pedal-assist-only e-bikes, Cowboys don’t come with throttles, which means that they don’t feature optional modes such as sport or eco. It’s either on or off. The Cowboy 3 makes use of a silent rear-hub motor of 250W power, and combines with a brand new, durable Gates Carbon Belt drive. Providing a riding experience at its most intuitive, the motor of the Cowboy 3 delivers the power at the moment the pressure is applied to the pedal. The amount of power delivered is continuously adapted by the torque sensors according to your speed and level of pedaling. The result is a natural riding feeling. At this point we’d like to mention the hydraulic disc brakes, providing ultimate confidence at stops.

Now this can be considered both as a safety measure and a compromise. The off-road mode which is set for rides on private properties. The top speed limit of the Cowboys are now decreased to the EU limit, 25km/h, from the previous 30km/h. 

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The 360Wh battery has the capacity to offer up to 70km (43.8 miles) of range, and note that you can remove the battery when you want to recharge. It takes 3.5 half hours to fully recharge the battery. You can still ride your Cowboy 3 even if you run out of battery, but a weight of 16.9kg would be a little hard to manage by just pedaling especially for long distances.

What’s more?

A downside might be that as there is no power button on the Cowboy 3, a phone is required to turn on and off the power. It doesn’t sound like a problem but just make sure your smartphone has enough battery during your ride.

The Cowboy also offers Cowboy Free Service during the two-year guarantee, which allows in-home repairing services by Cowboy technicians coming to your home, office or wherever you want in 25 cities across Europe. And the number of the cities that offer this service are reported to increase. To this convenience we must add that the Cowboy app is one of the best working apps thanks to its neat design and functionality.

Cowboy 3 Review: Advantages

  • Sleek design
  • Safety features
  • In-home repair service
  • Removable battery offering an impressive range
  • Silent and intuitive pedal assist

Cowboy 3 Review: Disadvantages

  • High price
  • Reduced off-road top speed
  • Fenders are extra
  • For now, the power is only turned on through a phone

The Cowboy 3 is often compared with the Cowboy 2 and VanMoof’s similar e-bikes, S3 and X3. In this manner, the price of the Cowboy 3 gets more acceptable considering the free crash detection, free in-home repair service and the removable battery. Cowboy 3 is surely an amazing e-bike and perfectly capable of giving you a natural, refined feeling of riding. Especially if you prioritize free high quality service, it doesn’t seem that hard to decide.

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