emojo breeze review

Emojo Breeze Review

EMOJO Breeze Beach Cruiser Electric Bike 8 2000x

Emojo Breeze Review

A beach cruiser is the perfect solution for those e-bike riders who seek a simple, relaxed way to cruise around the city. The Emojo Breeze is quite popular among e-bike lovers and critics, so we checked to see what it offers beyond its charming design.

Let’s check the key specs of the Emojo Breeze as a start:

Key Features
Range28 miles
Max Speed20 Mph
MotorDC Brushless 500W
Battery36V/10.4Ah Lithium-Ion Samsung cells
FrameSteel alloy
Tire Size75 R 26 Kenda
BrakesTektro Disc

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the Emojo Breeze.


The Emojo Breeze catches the eye with its flawless, multicolor design even from a distance. The attractive appearance of the Emojo Breeze adapts an easy-to-mount frame design which blends the shades of light blue, orange and brown that cover the sturdy, durable alloy frame. Although reducing the lightweightness, the alloy frame contributes to the stability of the ride and comfort in handling.

The riding geometry of the frame lightens the burden of the upper weight and pelvis, reducing the chances of back pains and tires arms. Controls are easily accessible thanks to the U-shaped handlebars and a comfortable ride is ensured by the soft and plush saddle. In addition, the 26-inch tires are able to absorb the bumps while riding smoothly. So far so good, it seems like a pleasant ride is waiting for us.


A powerful 500-watt DC brushless motor gets the Emojo Breeze going. Generating enough torque for uphills and ascents, it will give you the powerful start you need.

While as you start pedaling the pedal-assist system of the Breeze automatically chips, when you stop pedaling an A class 2 thumb throttle on the handlebar guarantees that the power of the e-bike is covering for you.

The Emojo Breeze offers three different pedal-assist levels on how you would like to ride your e-bike: Eco, Normal and Power. The power mode is capable of getting you at the top speed of 20mph, quite a good number for a beach cruiser. Plus, the brushless motor does its job quietly. The only minus so far is that when added to the weight of the steel frame, the rear hub motor may elude your balance if you get distracted.


In stops Tektro Disc Brakes are in charge on the front and rear sides, providing the adequate amount of braking power and effectiveness. The brake levers also work flawlessly, without requiring any effort to control. You will know that you can rely on your brakes during your ride around the city.

Tires and Rims

Besides the 26-inch Kenda rims that are both strong and durable to tackle the rider’s weight, the 26-inch Kenda tires provide a smooth ride even when riding on bumpy terrains. Their stability and contribution to the handling capability are definitely worth noting.


The Emojo Breeze makes use of a Samsung 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion battery, providing an excess range of up to 28 miles on a single charge cycle. This is more than enough for dealing with all your work around the town and getting back to home. You don’t have to carry a space battery or a charger in case you are just using your e-bike for your daily commutes.

The battery is located behind the seat post under the saddle, so your legs will have enough space, even when you carry a spare battery. You can also remove your battery for charging and lock the battery in case you have concerns over your e-bikes security. It takes 4-6 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

To conclude

Apart from the smooth and charming design of the Emojo Breeze, the e-bike is also powerful enough with its 500W brushless motor working effectively. The pedal-assist system does a good job in contributing to the easy management of the ride.

The upright riding position that the e-bike’s geometry provides achieves comfort during the ride, and the softness of the saddle supports this comfort. Accessories such as the full-length fenders make a great e-bike for urban life. Plus, its range of 28 miles per charge is just perfect for your urban daily commutes. The 26” Kenda tires will absorb all the hurdles on the road and keep your e-bike’s stability.

The one disadvantage of the Emojo Breeze would be poor balance of weight. Alongside the heaviness of the steel alloy, the rear hub motor and the battery’s position towards the rear end of the bike may cause shifts in the weight balance of the e-bike by loading most of the weight on the back.

Advantages: Emojo Breeze Review

  • Flattering design
  • Powerful motor
  • Long range
  • Comfortable ride
  • Quality brakes for this price range

Disadvantages: Emojo Breeze Review

  • Inadequate weight distribution

The Emojo Breeze can be considered as affordable compared to its features and overall quality. Making a great urban e-bike, it offers pleasant riding at high speeds for a long range on a single charge. Either for daily commutes or casual rides on the weekends, it seems that the Emojo Breeze is an e-bike you can rely on.

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