Fiido D11 Review

fiido d11 review

Fiido D11 Review

The D11 by the Chinese brand Fiido is here with an affordable e-bike to be sold directly into the European and North American markets. At only $999.99, Fiido D11 provides a sleek, foldable compact e-bike with a range of 100km. Let’s review if it’s any good by means of price/performance.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Fiido D11 will be how huge the seat post is. It accommodates a battery of 418Wh (36V 11.6A), a bulky one for a tiny e-bike rolling on 20-inch wheels. Note that it takes a very very long 7 hours to fully recharge the battery. Considering that there are e-bikes making use of 360Wh batteries which can be fully recharged in 3.5 hours, it may be a compromise in achieving affordability. Also you expect a seat post of this size to be suitable for very different heights of riders, but unfortunately it’s not the case with the Fiido D11. You can insert the battery to a determined depth making use of the numbered gradations marked on it. The Flido D11 is only adaptable for tall riders if you carry out the insertion according to the maximum and minimum marks. The manufacturer doesn’t state a min and max rider height for the D11 except defining a saddle height range of 80-100cm. Other than this, the comfort of the saddle is more than enough for short and long occasional trips.

The battery also offers an impressive range for its price: 40 to 50km (25 to 31 miles) in electric-only modes and 80 to 100km (50 to 60 miles) in pedal assist modes.

We know that e-bikes with higher prices provide separately carrying the battery or offer the chance to reposition and secure the seatpost in order to reach the minimum volume in a few more steps. There’s another thing. To prevent theft, the only thing that you can do is to take your battery/seat with you, since it can’t be easily locked with an external lock.

But it is certain that the design of the seat and the battery makes the Fiido D11 a nice, neat, compact foldable e-bike. After inserting the battery, all you have to do is to connect the tiny pigtail cable to the battery. Now you can start moving by shortly pressing to the power button. 

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Motor and throttle

The ride will be beyond your expectations. You can get to choose one of the three pedal-assist modes alongside the throttle which doesn’t require pedaling. If you have a more aggressive style of riding, then pedal-assist mode 3 (max) would be your choice. The motor can’t be considered as quiet, but it’s not that bad either. As the D11 makes use of a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor, the power might be delivered with a bumpy feel at times. But the Shimano gearbox of seven-speed does a good job in  smooth shifting, keeping up with any quick starts well.

One of the best features of the Fiido D11 is this: By the throttle hold down, a cruise control is engaged, but only upon reaching the maximum motor-assisted speed. After this point you can stop pressing the button and just focus on enjoying your ride. Although you pedal faster the motor is there to eventually re-engage as you slow down.

The motor of the Fiido D11 can’t be stated as strong, especially considering the other e-bikes making use of 250W motors. The tiny Xiongda rear-hub motor does well in the flats, but has a hard time in climbing minor hills and even windy conditions. At this point we might add that the Fiido D11 weighs around 18.5 kg (40lbs), not a very lightweight one.

Advantages: Fiido D11 Review

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Compact
  • Long range of battery
  • Quickly folded

Disadvantages: Fiido D11 Review

  • Theft ridh for battery/seat
  • Motor is not that strong

As our review of Fiido D11 shows it is a good e-bike which may have compromised certain things in order to achieve true affordability. But regardless of the strength of the motor, we can tell you that you’ll love the riding feeling that the Fiido D11 will provide.

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