EBIKES WATCH ELECTRIC BIKE REVIEW | Folding E-bike helmet : Closca

Folding E-bike helmet : Closca

folding ebike helmet 1

Folding E-bike helmet : Closca

folding e-bike helmet

Right, we’ll forgive you for the scepticism here. A folding bike helmet does sound like a poor prod at an April Fool’s joke, but this really is a game changer. The Closca folding helmet is one of the best bike helmets on the market. For one, it’s an incredibly elegant looking product – which is somewhat of a rarity in the world of bike helmets – and one that functions excellently. Simply push down on the centre piece at the top pf the helmet, and the five-inch tall helmet collapses into a flat design of just 2.36 inches in height. Leaving it flat and less than half of its initial volume, ensuring it can easily fit into any briefcase, handbag and rucksack. It doesn’t skimp on comfort either. With the help of the Closca ventilation system and hidden air vents, the Closca folding helmet performs just as good as its non-collapsible counterparts.

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