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green bike gb500 review

Green Bike Electric Bicycle GB500 Review

Maybe you are dreaming to buy a dream electric folding bike like Tern Vektron but after you see the price tag, you focus on more budget friendly options. At this point Green bikes offer some quiet good options.

Green bikes is located in Florida and selling affordable electric bikes. GB500 is their folding electric bike which has some interesting features that sets them apart from competition. Also if you are familiar with GB5 this is like upgraded version of GB5 model.

First of all having a full suspension is a nice feature. Ok it isn’t a very high-end full suspension but if you try to ride it just on simple off-road it may do the work. I think reason for using full suspension is not for e-mtb purposes but more for increasing your ride comfort on bad roads which is unfortunately very common thanks to some broke states.

It has turn signal on the rear light and it is first time I see this feature on any electric bicycle.


It uses a bafang 500 watt hub motor. It is a ok hub motor nothing fancy about it but for this price point it does the work. It also uses bafang controller and I am personally not a big fan of their controllers. They are famous for creating lots of problems.

Display is a nice one which has integrated USB Display.

My only complaint here will be number of PAS levels. It has 9 pedal assist levels and it is sometimes overwhelming. Even high end electric bikes like Tern or Haibike offer only 3 or 4 levels, Greenbikes’ 9 level make riding more complicated.

green bike display

It has a cadence sensor which is an outdated technology. As long as you pedal motor will give full support to you and tis destroys natural bicycle riding feeling and also decreases your range. So while you go downhill or you don’t need much support from the motor, due to cadence sensor you will still get full support.


It has fairly a large battery area and standard battery it comes with is 48V 13ah Samsung battery.

Claimed range is 50 – 80 miles but to be realistic on PAS 3 level you can go for only 15-20 miles on such an e-bike. I don’t know why e-bikes have those unrealistic numbers.


There is nothing fancy about their brakes. They use entry level Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes. They create strange quirkly noise while we were testing it. I appreciate them having brake cut-off cables. So power of your motor is cut when you press the brakes.

green bikes usa brake

It has shimano 6 speed gear. I wished they were using an inner hub as in most folding electric bikes derailleur is the first part which get damaged as it is located out there vulnerable for damages.


Green Bike GB 500 price is $1675 which include fenders, rear rack. It would be nice to have chain cover and front basket too.

You can get more information from their website



Affordable Price

Full Suspension

Has free phone holder

Has Rear Rack

Front and Rear Light


Short Range

Weak Motor

Entry Level Brakes

Entry level gear

Specifications are Poor

Poor Workmanship

Cables are not routed well

Bad Customer Service

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