Himiway Cruiser Review

Himiway Cruiser Review

Now here’s my favorite e-bike by Himiway E-bikes with its great value at an amazing price. Now I know that some might wonder why I consider an e-bike which comes at $2,000 as a great price-value e-bike, but continue reading.

First of all, I think the name of Himiway Cruiser causes miscommunication. This e-bike isn’t a cruiser at all. It even has a fairly upright riding position. Anyways, regardless of the strange naming, the bike is an awesome one with its great 48V 17.5ah battery, 750 Watt motor and Kenda 26×4.0 tires.


Let’s check what you are getting for what you have paid for this e-bike. I will start with the most expensive part of the e-bike: the battery. The battery is a 48V 17.5 Ah, semi-integrated one. Now I know that some people prefer fully integrated batteries such as the Aventon Aventure but I personally appreciate these ones in terms of functionality and being able to accommodate a larger battery pack. Sure it doesn’t look as clean as the fully integrated ones but it surely is easier to take on and off. And if you are someone who needs to take on and off the battery a few times each day like me, it can be annoying to do so.  

The battery is charged by a 2 amp charger which is, to be honest, NOT one of my favorite chargers. It isn’t bad but definitely not as good as ST Charger branded ones Rad Power Bikes are using.


The motor Himiway Cruiser makes use of is a 750 Watt motor and the funny thing is that I have no idea about the motor manufacturer. I can tell you that it is a fairly powerful motor but definitely not the most powerful or the smoothest one. It also has a design that reminds me of the Xofo motor.


Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm front and rear rotors are in charge in stopping Himiway Cruiser. From where we stand mechanical disc brakes have become a little outdated compared to hydraulic disc brakes. That’s why most e-bike brands are giving up using mechanical brakes and start shifting to hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes are surely harder to operate and do not come as reliable as hydraulic brakes especially at high speeds. If I would choose a dealbreaker for me to give up on Himiway Cruiser, it would definitely be the mechanical disc brakes. And I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone on this point.

Tires and Drivetrain 

Drivetrain of the Himiway Cruiser is a Shimano Altus one and I appreciate seeing this rather than having a Shimano Tourney, since Altus is the top of the entry level drivetrain of Shimano with its 7 speed levels. This means that if you live in a hilly area you will appreciate having such a drivetrain.

The tires are Kenda Juggernaut 26×4.0 tires, which I love. The extra air volume would definitely contribute to the comfort of your ride. They also offer great traction which means you can ride your Himiway Cruiser in snow or sand. The only thing you need to keep in mind would be having lots of flats, as the e-bike doesn’t come with puncture proof lining. I would consider this as a minus.

Riding comfort

The Velo-branded saddle of Himiway Cruiser is a great choice as it is a hybrid of performance and comfort saddles. Don’t expect the saddle to be as comfortable as a Pedego Large saddle but it sure is going to be more sporty. But also, it’s not going to be as uncomfortable as the ones you see on a road bicycle. It also has a handle to let you pull your e-bike if you park it in a crowded area. This may seem as just a small detail, but trust me, people commuting to work with their e-bikes will greatly appreciate this little thing.

Handlebar grips are very comfortable with faux leather material, but I wish they had ergonomic stays on them, although you can easily upgrade it later on. Himiway Cruiser has a twist throttle which I am a big fan of, especially over thumb throttles. I appreciate having this on my Himiway cruiser.


The LCD display of Himiway Cruiser is one of the biggest ones you can see at this price point -it almost surprised me to see such a nice display on an e-bike coming at this price. The display is produced by Key-disp with a screen wide enough to let you read all the necessary info. Only on very bright days you may have difficulties in viewing the display but other than that it is a very good one. It seems that Himiway didn’t overcomplicate the display so everyone will easily operate the e-bike. 

What else?

Himiway offers two different frame types for this e-bike. One is this type which is high step and the other one is a low step version, which also comes with a bottle cage holder.

Himiway Cruiser also comes with an integrated rear rack which some e-bike companies charge you for and I really enjoy having it. Other free accessories and components Himiway Cruiser has include full plastic front and rear fenders. 

Cruiser has a decent headlight and also a decent rear light which also works as a brake light. If you are going to ride at lower light conditions then you will be thankful for this. But if you are seriously considering riding in really dark conditions then I advise you to upgrade your headlight, as no e-bike at sub $2,000 offers a great headlight to my knowledge. But the headlights of Himiway are better than most headlights you will see in the market.

Front suspension seems to be adjustable and has a lockout but I can say it isn’t one of the best front suspensions in the market as I see much better ones in terms of being responsive. Several times during my test rides the fork didn’t bounce back -I was scared at those moments. 

One last word

Himiway Cruiser is to me the best e-bike by Himiway so far, and its price blows my mind considering the features it has. It definitely is not the best e-bike ever built, but it’s hard to think of any other e-bike when it comes to price-value performance. If you believe that there are other e-bikes that bring features like 48V 17.5ah battery, 750 Watt motor and Kenda 26×4.0 tires at a price point below $2,000 and still get a performance as good as the Himiway Cruiser, go ahead and compare. But it is a fact that the Himiway Cruiser is very reasonably priced and offers great value.

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