EBIKES WATCH ELECTRIC BIKE REVIEW | Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 Review
Review of Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 which is the highest end mountainbike produced by Husqvarna competing with Specialized and Haibike
Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0

Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 Review

Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 Review

Husqvarna is a new comer to electric bike market but they are very assertive and bring some exciting products. Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 is their highest end electric mountain bike and we were lucky enough to test it.

Most electric bike manufacturers come from regular bike background and they want to let their electric bikes look like regular bikes. At this point Husqvarna has a different approach and they want to have more rugged look and they let their motor to be very obvious. It is like a statement saying that “ it is an ELECTRIC BIKE “.  Never shy about it. 

Full steam ahead! Even the most demanding trails seem tame on the HC 9.0.

On the other hand they hide their battery. The Husqvarna battery is integrated in the frame. Personally I like such battery design in terms of aesthetics and functionality. But for servicing it comes with challenges. I want to do maintenance to my e-bike personally and be able to remove my battery when I want it. It isn’t possible with Husqvarna e-mtb.  The battery capacity is more than industry average. It has 630 wh battery capacity which can give you a range around 80 miles on flat surface in eco mode.  Realistic range seems like 35-40 miles.

Most of the components used in Husqvarna is high end  and reliable parts. In the end it isn’t a cheap electric bike. It uses Fox Factory fork which has 180 mm travel, 4 piston Shimano XT hydraulic brakes, DT swiss wheels. It is designed to handle professional level trails.

There are things needed to improve on the e-bike. The frame looks sturdy but when we look at details we feel there is still room for improvement. Weight of the bike seems little bit heavier than reasonable as it weights 56 lbs.

Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 motor is Shimano Steps E8000. The motor gives enough torque which lets you climb most of steep hills without facing much difficulty. After I tried TQ120 motor I feel it is little bit cumbersome for this price e-bike but still it is better than most e-bikes on market. It can give you a good power even at high cadence.  Just like all Shimano Steps motors, this one is still noisy and has slight drag. Husqvarna uses Di2 drivetrain with 11-speeds and it works smoothly with Shimano steps motor.

Husqvarna is very stable and has lot of reserves thanks to it’s travel. The bike frame is above average so you may expect it to be unwieldy but shockingly it’s more quick and easy to manage then what you may expect. It is very easy to do quick changes in direction thanks to rear suspension. It has a low standover height which gives you more confidence but there are certain things which can be improved. The dropper location is very unergonomic and hard to be used when on trail. Price is little bit too high as at this price point there are other e-bikes with better specifications and much wider service network.

As I am not such a tall guy I feel L size Husqvarna wasn’t a very good fit for me and I may prefer to buy a Bulls or Haibike which I feel easier to manage.

Husqvarna Hard Cross 9.0 in Detail

Fork FOX 36 Factory 180 mm
Rear shock FOX FLOAT X2 Factory 2-Position 180 mm
Motor/Battery Shimano STEPS E 8000/Simplo 630 Wh
Drivetrain Shimano XT Di2 11-speed
Brakes Shimano XT 4 piston 200/200 mm
Seat post Husqvarna Enduro Dropperpost 150 mm
Stem Husqvarna Performance MTB 40 mm
Handlebar Husqvarna Performance MTB 780 mm
Wheels DT Swiss HX 1501 SPLINE
Tires Schwalbe Magic Mary 27.5×2.6″

Our Conclusion about Husqvarna Review is, it is a nicely built emtb with high end components. But performance of the e-bike isn’t at the same level of other electric bikes at this price point. For people with big budget and looking for such style of electric mountainbike Husqvarna can be a good option.

I am very happy with the point Husqvarna came with their e-bikes in such short time and I am very hopeful and excited for their next generation of electric bikes.

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