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Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 and X Review

juiced bikes crosscurrent

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 and X Review

The high-performance e-bikes CrossCurrent S2 and CrossCurrent X by the Juiced Bikes sport amazing features for their medium price range. Two e-bikes are similar in most aspects although the popularity of X beats the S2. They are actually close to each other also in terms of pricing, but the extra $300 you pay for the X brings along stronger features to your ride. Below we have the comprehensive Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Review!

First, let’s check the key specs of two versions of the CrossCurrent, which both provide a sporty vibe.

CrossCurrent S2CrossCurrent X
Weight60 lbs65 lbs
Motor750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor
Top Speed28 mph28 mph
Battery52V, 13.0Ah Battery52V, 19.2Ah Battery
Battery Range65+ miles80+ miles
Charge Time5 – 7 hours5 – 7 hours
Brakes180mm Hydraulic Disc180mm Hydraulic Disc
ThrottleThumb ThrottleThumb Throttle
AccessorizeBack Rack and Fenders
ForkAdjustable Coil-Spring Fork And A Hydraulic Lockout SwitchSuntour Suspension Fork NEX HLO 700
Pedal-AssistCadence And Torque Pedal AssistCadence And Torque Pedal Assist


Both e-bikes have the sporty look with their athletic frame and flat handlebars of embellished design. The overall assembly of the frame provides comfort by its larger 700c wheels alongside a gel seat.

The X model comes in three different colors (white, red and black) while the option for S2 is black. 

crosscurrent x
Juiced Bikes crosscurrent x


Both e-bikes are powered by a 750W Bafang geared hub motor to take you to a top speed of 28mph in assisted power. This reduces to a top speed around 20mph in case you only use the motor power. As the thumb throttle is capable of speeding up in milliseconds, these values are convenient for daily commutes. The back rack coming with the X model also allows you to carry your briefcase or bag with you while riding to work.

Gear shifter

The gear shifter is one of the aspects making a difference between two e-bikes. Shimano 9 speed cassette drivetrain transmission offers 8 speeds on the CrossCurrent S2, while it provides 9 speeds on the X model. This translates into that you can use the X model a bit more energy-efficient. One of the points you pay more for.

crosscurrent s
Juices Bikes Crosscurrent S2


The battery is again where the CrossCurrent X outscores with its range over 80 miles on a single charge. The CrossCurrent S2 offers over 65 miles until a charger is required, and as expected, is a bit lighter than the X model. The CrossCurrent X weighs 65 lbs, while the S2 weighs 60 lbs.


The 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, which are more than convenient for this price range, ensure the safety and delicacy you need during your urban rides. The 180mm hydraulic disc brakes are considered the best up-to-date option available on the market. It’s worth investing in.

What’s more

The user-friendly LCD display of two e-bikes provides information on the temperature outside, the battery life and such. It also allows you to choose from different levels of motor assistance: 0, 1, 2, 3, Eco, Sport, and Race. You choose the handy Sport and Race modes when you want quick reactions during your urban rides at rush hours. And the Eco mode is useful in saving the power which can give you up to 15 extra miles of range.

Alongside the safety and comfort factors such as the gel seat, hydraulic disc brakes and large 700c wheels of the two e-bikes, the CrossCurrent X is a bit more comfortable thanks to its suspension fork.

The battery is located at the down tube of the sturdy frame, and it is safely locked as you place the battery properly. It also has a power button to turn on before turning the bike on via the handlebars. The only disadvantage may be that it takes 5-7 hours to fully charge, so maybe you can consider investing a fast charger to reduce this time to 2.5 hours.

CrossCurrent S2 Review: Advantages

  • Astonishing range
  • Extra battery
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Good overall assembly
  • Comfortable geometry
  • User-friendly

CrossCurrent S2 Review: Disadvantages

  • Expensive
  • Takes too long to charge

To conclude

If you consider spending extra money for an e-bike that performs below average, the CrossCurrent has two models. Both have the sporty appearance and obviously high-performance specs such as their range and hydraulic disc brakes!

Apart from the time that it takes to recharge the battery, it won’t be too much to say that they are flawless. Any of these two e-bikes would be ideal for you if you’re searching for an e-bike for daily commutes and running errands.

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