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Juiced Bikes The Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express Review


Juiced Bikes The Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express Review

While the bicycle enthusiasts welcomed the e-bikes with joy, the motorbike felt more cautious towards the invention of e-bikes as they thought an eco version was also necessary. The Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express, developed by Juiced Bikes, are here to eliminate these concerns!
The Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express are different from each other by means of certain aspects. The HyperScorpion Express can be considered as the updated version of the Scorpion, the basic type with a more affordable price of $1,499. Offering more than the basic version in a manner of features and performance, the HyperScorpion Express has the number $2,299 on its price tag.
Let’s make a comparison of The Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express by Juiced Bikes, and see if the difference in their prices is reasonable or not.


The Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express are different from each other even at the first sight. While the Scorpion is developed to get you around the city in comfort during your daily commutes, you can tell that the HyperScorpion Express is an e-bike which is more flexible to endure various terrains, environmental conditions and kinds of rides. You can use the HyperScorpion Express even for deliveries or travels of average distances. Both Scorpion and HyperScorpion Express feature a back rack and fenders.
The Scorpion as we know it comes in two colors: black or the fantastic blue. On the other side, the HyperScorpion has only one option to choose in terms of color: yellow.
More importantly, both e-bikes adapt a hydraulic lockout type of frame, which is acceptable for the Scorpion considering its price range. However, when compared to the safety level that a suspension fork can offer, you would expect a higher-quality fork from an e-bike with the price range same as the HyperScorpion Express.


The motor of two e-bikes differ from each other. While the Scorpion adapts a hub motor of 750W, the HyperScorpion Express is equipped with a sturdy, 1000W retro blade motor. The top speed of the Scorpion is below average with 28mph, but the powerful motor of the HyperScorpion Express is able to take you to top speeds over 30mph!


As being more of motorbike-style e-bikes, they weigh more than e-bikes as we know them. This takes us to the question of how to stop them. In stopping, both make use of hydraulic disc brakes of 180mm. Safety and strength in brakin is guaranteed.


Especially in daily commutes you have to watch your comfort, so quality tires should be a feature you should look for. The extra-large, 20” x 4” puncture-resistant tires coming on the Scorpion and the HyperScorpion Express are capable of good traction to absorb the bumps and vibrations on every kind of road you would come across, especially in the city.


Throttles are ensured by the brand Shimano. While the Scorpion has a 7 gear shifter, the HyperScorpion Express has an 8 gear one. The twist-activated throttle, gives you an experience almost the same as a motorcycle-ride.


The motor of the Scorpion is supported by a 13.0Ah battery of 52V with a range of more than 45 miles, which is  again above the average of e-bikes in this price range. On the other hand, the HyperScorpion Express utilizes a larger, 19.2Ah Dual Battery of 52V with the capability of getting you around for over 70 miles!

To conclude

The most important characteristic of both the Scorpion and the HyperScorpion Express is also an essential feature that every e-bike must have: the comfort they bring to the ride. The minimal LCD display of both e-bikes are easy to use and simple to manage -let’s say beginner-friendly.
From the five pedal-assistance modes (1, 2, 3, Race and Sport), the 1, 2 and 3 are used for controlling the motor during pedaling -1 is the lowest! The Race mode gets you the highest torque while the Sport mode gains any speed level you want (until the top level, of course).
A disadvantage of these e-bikes which may be considered as a minus is the time required to charge the battery, which is approximately 7 hours. A fast charger can reduce this time to 2 hours in case you want to make such an investment to a charger.
The back rack and fenders could be changed for a passenger seat in case you don’t want to use them.

Advantages: HyperScorpion Express Review

  • High range of battery
  • Powerful motor and top speed
  • User-friendly controls
  • Ideal for delivery
  • 180mm hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suitable for off-road

Disadvantages: HyperScorpion Express Review

  • Only one color available
  • Charging takes too long

So here we are, concluding what we learned.
The Scorpion is definitely an e-bike that could be opted for for those who seek an affordable e-bike, with its range, powerful motor and above-the-average top speed, alongside the comfort it provides. On the other hand, the HyperScorpion Express is here for almost every type of ride from daily commutes to medium-range travels. If the price tag will determine your choice, you can choose the Scorpion with any doubts in mind. For an e-bike with an astounding range and amazing top speed, the HyperScorpion Express will blow you away!
After all, they overtake most of the other e-bikes in their price range. Being stylish and eco-friendly, both are good companions for the urban lifestyle.

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