Modmo Saigon Review

modmo saigon review

Modmo Saigon Review

We know commuting on an e-bike is still not that common, but the newly launched Modmo Saigon is coming to change it. Built with advanced engineering, the Modmo Saigon can be the next best thing in the microverse of urban commuting. In this article you’ll be reading our review of the promising Modmo Saigon.

The Modmo Saigon combines a powerful electric motor, an integrated removable battery, a patented mounting system, a Bluetooth connection and an integrated navigation display and GPS. This translated into that the Modmo Saigon is capable of keeping up with any plan you have with it, all you need to is to customize it according to your riding plan.

Weighing only 31 pounds, the Modmo Saigon is notably lightweight for an e-bike coming with a full range of accessories and 124 miles of range! When it comes to the frame, the battery is so well-hidden by the cylindrical tube that it’s unnoticeable. Adding the small, neat front hub motor package and tidy rear hub and crank, the Modmo Saigon makes a slim, smart and attractive e-bike, with an appearance almost resembling a conventional bicycle.

Key features of Modmo Saigon

The key features of Modmo Saigon can convince anyone to switch to e-bikes from a private car for urban commuting. Wondering about what they are? Keep reading.

A great variety of accessories are welcome

The snap-off/snap-on mounting system on rear and front ends offer to mount a wide range of modular accessories (MOD) effortlessly. Baskets, food delivery boxes, pannier rack, child seat, and almost every click-in accessory you can think of are welcomed by these mounting points. The mount point on the front can also be used to hold your charger, coming handy in case your battery dies. The -obviously- achieved goal here is to make the Modmo Saigon the most customizable e-bike so that it can turn into a new ride with different modes on every ride.

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Long rides guaranteed

The manufacturer states that the Modmo Saigon offers an astonishing range of 124 miles with a single charge of battery. Its EU legal motor of 250W of power provides 5 power assistance levels, while in the US it comes with a 350W motor. The motor of the Modmo Saigon is supported by a fully integrated removable battery.

You have all the information you need

Making the most out of technology, the Modmo Saigon makes use of a smart handlebar display alongside GPS and Bluetooth to allow location tracking and to achieve maximum security. As you start or stop riding, the motion sensors are turned on and off automatically. Fully integrated with the handlebar, the 3-inch screen keeps you connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Compared to the traditional chain-driven e-bikes, it is obvious that the belt-driven transmission maintenance requires a lot of work although being quieter. The Saigon aims to solve this problem by adapting an easily-maintained, smooth and durable belt-driven transmission.

The Modmo Saigon vs. Cowboy vs. Vanmoof

The Modmo Saigon is compared with Cowboy or Vanmoof Electrified, the well-known “connected” e-bikes built for urban rides thanks to the features they adopt and the performance they offer. The Cowboy is a belt-driven e-bike like the Saigon, while the Vanmoof is a chain-driven one. The Cowboy and Saigon also share the feature of having hydraulic disc brakes, differing from the Vanmoof which makes use of mechanical disc brakes, which are known to provide easy maintenance yet poorer performance compared to hydraulic ones.

The thing is that three e-bikes differ from each other in the manner of design. With its thick frame hiding the battery, the design of the Vanmoof is prominent -and the frame of the Saigon is similar to Vanmoof. On the other side, the frame of the Cowboy integrates the turning and stop lights. This feature is also adapted by Saigon to save the rider from worrying about installing an additional light.

When it comes to the riding range offered, the Cowboy and Vanmoof are similar with 37 miles. Saigon undoubtedly offers a better range with 124 miles, even if it’s the value which is stated by the manufacturer.

The Cowboy offers no accessories by default, except a bell and a pair of reflectors while the Vanmoof comes with almost everything similar to Saigon, including mudguards, lever handles and chain protectors. Another thing that the Cowboy lacks on the contrary of the other two is the GPS tracking system, which comes handy in navigation as well as preventing loss in case of theft.

How does the Modmo Saigon perform compared with Cowboy & VanMoof?

The Modmo Saigon is undoubtedly put-together, neat and charming e-bike for urban commuting which is worth the price as we examined the features it offers.

The Cowboy and Vanmoof are both amazing e-bikes offering impressive performance alongside their sleek design. Upon our comparison we can confidently state that the Modmo Saigon is as astounding as the Cowboy and Vanmoof in being a companion for urban rides. We’ll see how the sales of three e-bikes will perform against each other.

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