Mokumono Delta S Review

Mokumono Delta S review

Mokumono Delta S Review

Started in 2014 as a Design Academy graduation project to make a truly Dutch bike, Mokumono seems to have done a good job in manufacturing a truly unique e-bike. Constructed from two pressed and connected mirrored aluminum sheets instead of a series of tubes, the Delta S borrows its production process from the car industry in order to localize the production of the frames instead of making them manufactured in Taiwan or China. By making this way, the founder brothers get to have more control over the whole process as well as eliminating the waste to the environment caused by shipping. As stated by the founders, in the long term, Mokumono aims to manufacture its products using only locally made components. And we are here with our Mokumono Delta S review!

The Mokumono takes its name from the “Mokum” nickname given to the city the company is based, Amsterdam. The “Mono” refers to the uniqueness of the bicycle frame as we just mentioned. So is the Mokumono worth it’s price of abou $3,499? Let’s check.

The Mokumono Delta S, a single-speed belt-driven standard European commuter, makes use of a 250W rear-hub motor to gain a top speed of 16mph, with a range of 37 miles. Weighing only 32 pounds, the Delta S is unbelievably lightweight especially for an e-bike that comes with fenders, lights, kickstand and everything.

How does it feel to ride the Delta S? The e-bike provides a perfectly smooth, comfortable, also quiet ride with its bulky 650cc WTB Horizon tires. The Brooks Cambium C15 saddle, and Ergon GA3 grips do nothing but support the ultimate comfort even riding on the most dense urban environments.

When you see the 250Wh capacity adapted by the Delta S, you gain an understanding regarding how this e-bike is so lightweight. It still manages to give you a clean 34 mile, which is exciting for a battery of this size. The size of the capacity also brings a short amount of time to fully recharge the battery, which is about two hours. You can also continue to ride after your battery dies, but it may be challenging due to the single-speed transmission. The Delta S also allows adapting a Brooks cycle bag via the integrated pannier mount in case there is stuff you want to carry. 

The power button on the small control panel located on the right-hand side of the frame near the head tube provides setting the level of assistance alongside showing the remaining battery. The panel may be simple, but it’s enough.

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The downside of the Delta S may be the delay in power caused by the torque sensor, bringing a challenge in starting by requiring your legs to do all the work. The Gates belt is adjustable according to the power of the rider to eliminate possible slips. But it might be a better idea to increase the power of the Delta S to a level which might be expected from an e-bike looking this sporty. E-bikes such as the Cowboy V3 and Gogoro Eeyo 1S are good examples of this can actually be achieved.

The company states that it works to provide power-tuning by the wider via an app, but this is not a usable feature yet. The Delta S makes use of the app provided by Hydrive which produces the motor of the bike. Mokumono states that it’s developing its own app to be launched next year.

Advantages: Mokumono Delta S Review

  • Unique design
  • Has everything you need for your urban commuting
  • Supports localized production

Disadvantages: Mokumono Delta S Review

  • Pricey
  • Battery can’t be removed
  • Starts not that strong

The Mokumono Delta S is perfectly capable of providing a smooth ride with its lightweightness and bulky tires. If you don’t prioritize the starts to be powerful, then the Mokumono Delta S can be an ideal option for you.

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