EBIKES WATCH ELECTRIC BIKE REVIEW | Norco Fluid VLT e-MTB combines big batteries

Norco Fluid VLT e-MTB combines big batteries


Norco Fluid VLT e-MTB combines big batteries

While the Sight and Bigfoot VLT led the way for Norco’s e-MTB range, the new Fluid VLT is filling an important void in the line up. Full suspension mountain bikes may get a lot of the love, but hardtails are just as important as they typically offer great rides for the value.

That seems to be the case with the new Fluid VLT. It may be just a hardtail, but it combines a well equipped drive system, competent component spec, and a modern geometry to create a very attractive bike at a more approachable price tag.

Like many of the current e-MTBs, the Fluid utilizes the Shimano STEPS drive system. The entry level Fluid VLT 2 uses the STEPS E7000 system with a 500wh battery housed in the downtube. The higher end Fluid VLT 1 upgrades to the E8000 STEPS system with a massive 630wh battery also hidden in the downtube.

The drive system and battery size is the main difference in spec, but the VLT 2 also uses a 100mm travel suspension fork while the VLT 1 sees a longer 120mm fork. There’s also the difference of drivetrains – the 2 uses a 1×10 speed Shimano system whereas the 1 uses a SRAM NX Eagle 1×12. Both bikes roll on 27.5 x 2.6″ tires on e-bike rated tubeless wheels.

Offered in four sizes, both bikes are listed as having a 67° head tube angle and 75° bottom bracket angle – though if the frames, wheels, and tires, are all the same, then the change in suspension fork length should have a slight effect on those numbers for the VLT 2.

Pricing is listed at $3,399 for the VLT 2 and $4,499 for the VLT 1. Available now.

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