Onyx RCR Review

onyx rcr review

Onyx RCR Review

The RCR from Onyx is here with its amazing look, managing to take the good sides of both an electric motorcycle and an e-bike. We couldn’t be unconcerned with the increasing number of the Onyx RCR’s out there, so we reviewed it for you. Let’s start with taking a look at the key specs of the Onyx RCR. Check our Onyx RCR review below!

Key Features
Motor3,000W, 205mm hub motor
Battery72V 23Ah removable lithium-ion
Tires2.75×17 in.
Wheels36-spoke steel, 17 in.

The look

Adapting a stylish look between an art school café racer and a moped, the Onyx RCR is assembled by a large steel-tube frame veiled in wood and brushed aluminum. The minimal, modern tube also accommodates the battery without compromising the classic motorcycle appeal. It surely is eye-catching by appearance. 


Considering the strength of the frame, you won’t believe how nimble it is to ride the Onyx RCR. Actually, it feels both nimble and agile to ride the Onyx RCR, thanks to its nature being both powerful and lightweight. As the sturdy frame gives a solid feel, the suspension fork and dual rear coilover is here to make your ride at its most comfortable even when you look for some off-road adventure. The battery’s location results in a flawless look as well as a high center of gravity. The seat adapts a design similar to the Tomos Targa, which is very comfortable even for the longest rides.

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Speed and range

As claimed by the manufacturer, the Onyx RCR is capable of reaching speeds of around 60 mph. The truth is that the range is affected a lot by the top speed, as you would expect. The Onyx RCR has a range up to 75 miles in the 20mph-top-speed eco mode. The normal mode offers 40 miles and a top speed of 40mph, and the wilk Sport mode gets the most out of the power of the Onyx RCR with a 60mph top speed, also reducing the range down to 20 miles.


The Onyx RCR sports a hydraulic disc brake on the front. On the rear end, a rear regenerative brake with a hybrid hydraulic disc brake is in charge. The powerful regenerative braking with a small disc brake produces 80% of the rear braking to contribute in locking up the wheel, if required.

In terms of suspension, the Onyx RCR delivers exactly what could be expected from a modern moped. The nonadjustable front fork and rear shocks with adjustable preload feels flexible and smooth at the same time as you pull the brakes. You don’t have to worry about the speed bumps.

What else?

The Onyx CRC is controlled through the right handlebar switch allowing to choose among 3 speed options. The left handlebar accommodates motorcycle-resembling controls: headlight, blinkers and the horn. A big headlight with two modes, running and night riding modes, is also adapted by the Onyx RCR.

The key fob adapted by the Onyx RCR comes handy in locking, unlocking, turning the e-bike on/off and even setting the alarm -which gets active upon any attempt to move the e-bike. Note that it is far from being quiet. The key fob is surely a nice addition.

Note that for $300, you can get an optional dirt kit which includes off road tires, a headlight grill, a rear rack, fork dust covers and a front and rear fender.

Advantages of Only RCR

  • Impressive range in eco mode
  • Stylish
  • Nimble ride feel
  • Optional dirt kit

Disadvantages of Only RCR

  • Pricey


It is obvious that the price of the RCR is stiff, especially compared with the price range of gas mopeds or smaller e-bikes. The thing is that you get a solidly structured e-bike delivering excellent performance and riding feel. So should you choose the Onyx RCR? You can go for this stylish machine without a doubt if you want a vintage styled e-bike resembling a motorcycle.

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