Panasonic X0 Review

Panasonic X0 Review

Panasonic motors are mainly seen on bikes from the Swiss manufacturer FLYER.

They rely on two of Panasonic’s motors: the Multi-Speed with integrated two-speed gearbox, and the X0 model, which only has one gear but releases much more power. Since a gearbox is pretty pointless on an eMTB with a 25 km/h speed limit, we opted for the X0 version in our test. This is 1.3 kg lighter and has 2 Nm more power. The motor is controlled by a high-quality remote; unfortunately, this is exposed and susceptible to impacts. The keys are illuminated and a vibration provides haptic feedback. There is a choice of two display options: the large D1 display which allows you to configure the Eco and Standard mode respectively into six levels to maximize the range, and the smaller D0 version which can be hidden and protected behind the handlebars. Both displays feature an automatic mode which adapts the support levels to the current riding situation.

Torque 68 Nm
Battery capacity 432/630 Wh
Motor weight 3.6 kg
Battery weight 3.6 kg (630 Wh)

Support levels four, including Automatic
App-controlled no
Walk-assist yes
Compatible with front derailleur no

Even with the minimal pedal pressure, the X0 motor pulls strongly and directly, delivering decent power. Unlike the two-geared version, it supports well at higher cadences and cuts off sensitively when reaching the 25 km/h threshold. An internal drag is noticeable when pedalling above the 25 km/h limit.


– Good dosage of power
– Start-up on climbs
– Automatic mode


– Exposed remote
– Loud
– Square axis

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