Rad Power RadMini Review

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Rad Power RadMini Review

As the number of options for functional and appealing e-bike increases, Rad Power takes its place in the competition to offer the most authentic ride. Just one of the e-bikes which is a successful outcome of this search for authenticity, the folding RadMini by Rad Power is both eye-catching and affordable. We’ll come to the reasons, but first let’s check the key specs of the RadMini. Then, enjoy our Rad Power RadMini review below!

Key Features
Range25-45 miles
Max Speed20 mph
MotorBafang, RadMini Specific 750W Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Battery672 Wh Samsung 18650 35E 3500mAH
Frame6061 Aluminum alloy 
Tire Size20 x 3.3 inches
BrakesTektro Aries, 180mm Rotors


The frame of the RadMini is a folding 6061 aluminum alloy frame one, in order to achieve both lightweightness and strength. Riders up to 275lbs are more than welcome to be carried by this strong frame, which also has a telescoping handlebar stem so that the e-bike can be adjusted to your size.

The RadMini is foldable. When folded, it can shrink to a handily small size for storage, or to be carried! While the faux leather ergonomic grips make it easy to handle (and looks fancy), the mid-step frame provides easy getting on and off the RadMini. You have enough space and comfort thanks to the Velo Plush seat, which also features a handle that allows adjusting. The frame’s primary folding hinge also enhances safety by preventing unexpected unlatchings.

The aluminum kickstand makes you e-bike stand upright without falling to sides when parked, while the front and rear fenders help in keeping you dry in rainy conditions.

The RadMini distinguishes from other folding e-bikes with the sturdiness of its frame. The reinforcement gusset at the seat tube keeps the e-bikes steadiness even in cases if you carry a load, you’ll see that the frame won’t flex. Stable ride guaranteed.

An aspect which might be considered a disadvantage especially for a folding e-bike is that the RadMini weighs 68 pounds. It might be small in folded size, but this is quite heavy to carry in your backpack, right?

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Tires and Rims

To provide comfort, the RadMini makes use of a pair of chunky 3.3 inch Kenda K-Shield fat tires, providing a 5-39 PSI range, also having a puncture-resistant liner. These strong features will both bring comfort to your ride and confidence at times you face glass or thorns on the road. Alongside durability, the tires also provide visibility thanks to their reflective surface.

The RadMini combines these sturdy tires with aluminum-alloy wheels to achieve maximum stability. The wheels have adapted a double-wall design, which is common for Rad Power e-bikes, for enhanced strength.


The RadMini is powered by a Bafang 750W geared hub motor that is capable of getting you going at top speed of 20mph, even when climbing a small uphill. We should note that you can have a hard time climbing long or steep hills, since the power of the motor is only sensible on flat surfaces, even it can produce 80Nm of torque.

“Quiet” won’t be the best definition of the motor, but it sure works steady and smooth enough to get you going effortlessly. The large Kingmeter LCD panel located in the middle of the handlebar has a backlight that can be adjusted in terms of brightness. Alongside the accessible and easy-to-use controller, the LCD panel also has a USB charging port at the bottom side -you can even charge your phone with it. The controller is as simple as just requiring a three button which you press up and down to determine the assist level. As expected, you can get all the essential information you need about your ride from the display, including the battery life, pedal assist level, speed, watts, and odometer.


Tektro mechanical disc brakes of 180mm are in charge for stopping the RadMini. No doubt that a hydraulic disc set is much preferred in e-bikes due to their capability of quick responding to the lever pulls, but the Tektro mechanical disc brakes also do more than enough. Plus, you are adjustable according to different hand sizes. 


The 672Wh battery of the RadMini utilizes high-quality Samsung lithium-ion cells. The battery has up to 45 miles of range which is enough for but commutes around town or times you want to go off the road. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty. 

The minus of the battery is that it takes 5 to 6 hours to charge from zero. But one of the good things about the Rad Power Bikes is that the battery pack they use is compatible with all of the Rad models. As you can interchange the batteries if you have several ones in your household, you can also simply carry an extra one in case yours dies. And note that you can charge your battery at both times it’s on and off the e-bike.

The frame features a battery slide rack to keep the battery in place regardless of how many and how big and what size of bumps you come across on the road. The plus here is that the battery mount uses three bolts on the RadMini, as the ones on the average affordable e-bike models use two.

To conclude

The RadMini is a practical e-bike. The folding frame means that it can shrink in size for storage, or being carried. The bright headlight is paired with a LED ring to make sure that the rider is visible and safe. The Kenda K-Shield tires are at their most durable thanks to their puncture-resistant liner. Plus, you can mount a number of accessories to increase practicality or increase the carrying capacity via additional racks. Not to mention accessories such as a mini-pump, a water bottle and etc.

Here are the three little things you should consider. You have to loosen and raise the saddle and the seat post every time you remove the battery, as the battery pack is located behind the seat tube. As the second, the RadMini is weighing 68lbs, not a number that can be considered as “mini”. And lastly, when climbing uphill, the motor’s torque is not as strong as on the flat terrain.

Rad Power RadRover Review: Advantages

  • Foldable design
  • Battery pack compatible with all Rad Power Bikes
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Handy and accessible display
  • Safety measures

Rad Power RadRover Review: Disadvantages

  • Heavy
  • Hard time removing the battery
  • Torque not strong when climbing uphill

The RadMini is an affordable, safe and practical e-bike, assertive about going more than well on various terrains. With its decent power (on flat terrains) and durable tires, it is capable of taking you long and smooth adventures.

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