Rad Power RadRover Review

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Rad Power RadRover Review

The Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes grew fast in little time compared to other e-bike manufacturers. The secret to the affordability of high-quality Rad Power e-bikes is that the company delivers the products to the customer directly.

Today we summarized our review on the popular fat-tire e-bike of Rad Power, the RadRover. Let’s start with the key features.

Key Features
Range30.3 miles
Max Speed25 mph
Motor750 W Geared Hub Motor
Battery48V 14Ah (672 Wh)
Frame6061 Aluminum alloy
Tire Size26 X 4 inches
BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc Brakes


The RadRover is assembled by a frame of 6061-aluminum alloy to tackle the toughest conditions yet while retaining the lightweightness to achieve steady handling. The top tube leans towards the seat post reduces the standover height of the e-bike to 30.5 inches, offering even the shorter riders the minimum effort during mounting and dismounting. 

The frame is combined with an RST spring to provide good suspension and comfort, which is also supported by the wide tires. The fork is a pretty standard one, yet decent enough to make a reliable and affordable e-bike.

The comfort of the ride is also supported by the riding geometry. The wide and solid  handlebar allows easy handling thanks to the sturdy and ergonomic leather imitation grips. The cushioned Velo Plush saddle is another plus, providing enough space but not too much space to discomfort your inner thighs. The saddle also has a handle at the back for times you need to carry your e-bike upstairs or pass around small corners of an indoor space. 

To make enough room for accessory installments, the RadRover has various mounting points compared to other e-bikes available in the market. You will be able to adapt any accessory you’ll need whether it’s a mini-pump or a bottle rage rack. You’ll be protected from the dirt of the wet weather conditions thanks to the wide fenders located on both the front and rear tires. 

One more little detail to love about Rad Power Bikes is that they use durable metal pedals instead of plastic ones.

Now, the hurdles: the RadRover is heavy with 69lbs, which may challenge you in pedaling without battery on off-road trails even if you have the most comfortable tires.


The giant tires of the RadRover makes you wonder about the toughness level of the ride, but the e-bike feels surprisingly agile. You’ll be able to climb any hill while keeping the fun with your chunky 4” tires. Also, a great traction is achieved through the tread pattern on the tires in such a way that you can use this e-bike even for hunting.


A 750W rear hub motor powers the RadRover, and it is capable of taking you to a top speed of 20mph. You should keep in mind that exceeding the speed limit causes the motor power to cut off immediately, as most riders prefer the gradual ease off.

The motor generates a 80Nm for achieving an astonishing start and smooth acceleration, which come in handy especially in climbing small hills. The huge and practical display located at the center of the handlebar presents intuitive control buttons for adjusting the electrical components of the e-bike.


To stop the e-bike, you’ll be making use of a set of Tektro mechanical disc brakes, which are doing a good job yet not good as hydraulic disc brakes. To sustain the performance of your brakes you may have to tune the brakes every once in a while. Still they are above average for an e-bike on a budget.


The most effective component of this e-bike is a high-performance 672Wh Rad battery pack supporting the motor. Samsung 35E 18650 battery cells adapted by the battery is a classic where e-bike developers choose capacity over the power, and this battery doesn’t fail to achieve this goal with 45 miles it provides. The “35E” part also implies the lightweightness of the battery. The only minus is that it requires 6 hours to fully recharge the battery.


The 26″ aluminum-alloy wheels are large enough to achieve the sturdiness to carry the heavy e-bike. Their strength is enhanced by a double-wall design to ensure the stability of the ride.

What’s more

One of the authentic features about the RadRover is that it sports a headlight which can be operated from the display. Plus, as you pull the brake levers the rear light illuminates brighter to help in keeping the rider visible and safe. 

The efficient battery provides long-range enough for adventures in the outdoors which last all day long. In order not to add too much weight to an already heavy vehicle, it is also lightweight.

The RadRover is a practical e-bike as a lot of handy accessories can be mounted on it, such as your tool kit, a water bottle, a pump, etc. The simple and handy controller provides to manage the battery usage and the motor power through the intuitive control buttons.

The fat tires are also useful as they contribute to the comfort and stability of the ride regardless of the type of terrain, and ensure that even broken glass on the road will interrupt the ride as they sport a puncture-resistant lining.

The RadRover is both heavy and bulky. But you can be sure that your e-bike won’t sink under its weight even when parked on wet or loose ground, thanks to the wide plastic bottom of the aluminum kickstand.

Advantages: Rad Power RadRover Review

  • Affordability
  • Powerful battery
  • Durable fat tires
  • Handy controller
  • Cozy saddle

Disadvantages: Rad Power RadRover Review

  • A bit heavy
  • Brakes could be more powerful
  • Takes a long time to fully charge

The RadRover manages to deliver an overall fun ride that lasts a long time. In that sense, the RadRover is definitely worth investing in for those who seek a good time for off-road adventures. Provided that you can manage the weight, it is a perfect option considering that it comes with an entry-level price for an e-bike!

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