Rad Power RadRunner Review

rad power radrunner review

Rad Power RadRunner Review

Rad Power Bikes are here with a single-speed electric cargo bike to get around town with minimum effort. Meet the RadRunner and check our Rad Power RadRunner review below!

Let’s take the key specs of the RadRunner as a start, then dive deeply into what this e-bike offers. 

Key Features
Range32.9 miles
Max Speed20 mph
Motor750 W Geared Hub Motor
Battery48V 14Ah Samsung Battery (672 Wh)
Frame6061 Aluminum alloy step-through frame
Tire Size20 inches
BrakesTektro 180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes


The powerful, 6061 aluminum alloy frame of the RadRunner is a step-through one, adapting a riser handlebar design. The e-bike is suitable for riders between 4’11” and 6’2”, with its low standover height of 16.5”, which is also perfect for mounting and dismounting without an effort.

rad power radrunner review

The riding geometry that the RadRunner provides brings comfort to the ride as you can angle the rider handlebar forward or backward according to your arm’s reach. The ergonomic rubber grips also ease the handling. Plus, the steel fork combined with the frame contributes to the comfort by dampening the vibration. 

You can mount various accessories, such as a mini pump, folding lock, or a bottle cage to the mini-top tube. The front rack attaches to the head tube as it won’t intrude steering or angle to any sides in the parking position. The mounting baskets and multiple racks increase the carrying capacity, which is 300lbs! This means that you can mount a child’s seat or even carry an adult friend of yours, while the adjustable seat post gives you enough room between you two.

Plus, the strong double-leg kickstand takes a remarkable amount of your workload during loading in case you install a rear rack. 

The RadRunner does not offer much variety since it only comes in one color option, combining the Satin black and forest green.

Weighing 65lbs, the RadRunner surely will surprise you with how agile it is compared to its weight.

Tires and Rims

Feeling chunky enough to blow the feeling of its heavy weight, the Kenda tires of 20 x 3.3 inches are custom-designed to get Rad Power Bikes going. The good traction of the road is achieved by the special tread pattern on the tires, yet not promising the most comfortable ride. 

However, you can be sure that you are protected against the broken glass over your trail thanks to the puncture-resistant lining on the tires

The double-wall of the rims design enhances the stability of the ride. The wheels of aluminum alloy do a good job in supporting the rider’s weight, and the cargo’s.


The RadRunner makes use of a 750W Bafang geared hub motor that is capable of generating 80Nm of torque through 4 levels of pedal assist. While the motor gives a powerful feeling especially while accelerating, the half-twist throttle is able to throw you at top speeds of 20mph. The small 14-pulse cadence sensor provides quick response of the pedal assist to your choice of assist.

Since the built-in motor inhibitor switches, the motor power cuts off as the e-bike exceeds the top speed limit or the brake levers are pulled. The LED display gives information regarding the ride on various aspects, such as the pedal assist level and battery life. It also has the on/off and light switches of the e-bike!


In terms of braking, RadRunner sports a single-speed drivetrain combined with Tektro cable-actuated disc brakes. The built-in motor cutoff switch adapted by the brake levers cuts off the motor power as you activate the brakes. Therefore beware of the error throttle-twists and make sure you pull both brake levers simultaneously. By the way, as you engage the brakes you’ll notice the rear LED light also goes on.


A highly capable yet lightweight battery consisting of Samsung 35E lithium-ion cells ensures your e-bike’s impressive range up to 45 miles per charge. The position of the battery pack on the seat post contributes to the weight balance.

It takes 6 hours to fully recharge the battery, which is more than a pit stop for your journey. At least the battery can be charged whether it’s on the e-bike or not, so you can carry a spare battery to swap with during your longer rides.

Keep in mind that you should always pay attention to the battery charge indicator as the controller doesn’t show information on the odometer.

What’s more

It may be heavy itself, but the carrying capacity of the RadRunner is one of the most attractive features of it, and the long range it offers is probably the second. Plus, it can adapt a lot of accessories at the same time. Ensuring safety by multiple features, such as the always-on front light, brake-integrated rear light, alongside the reflective strips on the tires.

You won’t have to worry about the comfort since the 16.5” standover height will give you space for small packages that you can put on the frame’s mini-top tube without getting discomforted. The dual-leg kickstand also gives the convenience of not having to adjust the e-bike over and over again while parking or loading cargo. Last but not the least, while the LED control panel allows you to operate your ride at its simplest, you’ll be able to enjoy your ride more.

However, we all know that mechanical disc brakes aren’t as efficient as hydraulic discs, and they require much more hand effort by the rider. This may be a downside, and may be a deal breaker for some riders.

Advantages: Rad Power RadRover Review

  • Amazing carrying capacity
  • Long range
  • Frame can adapt a lot of accessories
  • Easy-to-use display
  • Affordability
  • Features to ensure safety

Disadvantages: Rad Power RadRover Review

  • Takes a long time to fully recharge
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Weight

The Rad Power Bikes is known for achieving affordability by bypassing the middlemen. Considering the battery range and user-friendliness, the RadRunner is your decent and affordable to-go!

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