Super73 R Series Review

Super73 R Series Review

A Southern California-based brand which began as a Kickstarter project under the name of Lithium Cycles, Super73 continues to grow at its strongest. We reviewed the recently launched R Series by Super73 to see if it will fulfill your needs. Check our Super73 R Series Review below!

Key Features
MotorElectric brushless DC hub; 750W nominal, 1,200W peak; Unlimited mode: 1,200W nominal, 2,000W peak
FrameAluminum alloy, tubular
Tire SizeBDGR All-Terrain; 20 x 4.5 in. / 20 x 5 in.
Brakes2-piston caliper, 180mm disc (R); 4-piston caliper, 203mm disc, (RX)

The latest launch of Super73 comes forward as the R-Series coming with a 960Wh battery which is the largest capacity in this segment, considering even e-bikes of high-end price ranges are powered by 460Wh batteries. With its aluminum frame which combines lightweightness  with sturdiness, the e-bikes of R Series offer over 40 miles of range without pedal assist, and this goes beyond 75 miles as you assist the e-bike by pedaling. Weighing around 80lpb with the battery, the R Series is almost the same weight as a tank while using half of the fuel it does.

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Designed in California and built in Asia, hardware abounds are of the finest quality. The e-bikes of the R Series make use of an energy-dense lithium-ion unit using Samsung 21700 cell construction. A mini fuel tank is located at the top of the frame as the power supply routes power the hub motor of up to 2,000W while in Unlimited mode, corresponding to about 10 times more human power. 

It takes 5 to 6 hours to fully recharge from the standard 110V outlet. There’s the option to invest in the optional 5-amp charger to reduce this time to 3 to 4 hours.

The Super73 R e-bikes roll on fat tires suitable for all terrains, wrapping the 20-inch wheels with lightening holes. An accessible LCD screen is connectable to your smartphone to convey information and provide control over your ride.

At the launch event of the R Series people were convinced that electric power can make a two-wheeler go really fast, even with very little effort by the rider. The saddle of 32 inches which makes the R Series suitable for the majority of riders, also the option of two-up seating is available.

The bike’s momentum can increase rapidly upon pumping the pedals while squeezing the thumb throttle. Still the motor has a way to go in accelerating from zero. For a quicker acceleration you have to go for the optional 10-speed gear set. 

The chunky tires are at their most effective in absorbing the speed bumps. You won’t be challenged in lifting the front wheels to make a shift jump. The brake levers on the front and rear are operated by hand and do a good job in delivering efficient stops. Yes, you will make a little effort in case your ride includes starts and stops frequently, but the Super73 will be the perfect e-bike for running your errands.

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