EBIKES WATCH ELECTRIC BIKE REVIEW | Top E-bike conversion kits for 2019

Top E-bike conversion kits for 2019

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Top E-bike conversion kits for 2019

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular day by day. Advancements in technology have made it easier to enjoy the electric feeling of riding a bike.

However, you do not have to buy an entirely new electric bike when there are electric bike kits all over the place. With these kits, all you need is your old, mechanical bike and a kit.

Now it is important to understand the kind of kit you need because there are several types. You can either choose a rear wheel kit, a front wheel kit or a kit with a battery. With this in mind, you avoid buying the wrong product for your bike.

What could go wrong if you purchased the wrong kit? The one obvious thing is that you will have wasted your money on something that never worked for you.

Secondly, the power delivery to your bike may feel uncomfortable, or your bike may not support it. Besides, if you buy a kit without a battery option, then you will need to get one, potentially doubling your costs!

Here is an electric bike kit review that will help you better understand the world of bike kits, to make the right purchasing decision.

ow did we determine which electric bike kits are the best? We researched and tested the best-reviewed e-bike kits and combined customer feedback, kit quality, top speed, features, and installation times to figure out which e-bike kits are the best bang for your buck. So without further adieu, here are the Top 5 Electric Bike Kits of 2019:

#1 ModWheel 26 Inch 48v 1000w Pro Series 7-Speed Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit + Battery– Editor’s Choice

Unlike powerful front wheels that can slip when you throttle, the ModWheel 26 Inch 48v 1000w Pro Series 7-Speed Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit + Battery is powerful and offers optimal control over your ride. It’s got a 7-Speed Pro Series cassette for easier climbing on those inclines, and a magnetic pedelec system to help when you feel like easing off the throttle and powering your bike manually. With a top speed of 28 MPH, you can get where you need to fast and get back without a single problem.

#2 ModWheel Complete 26 Inch 250w Electric E-Bike Conversion Wheel– Easiest Installation

While most electric bike kits are pretty easy to install (at least the ones on this list are), the ModWheel Complete 26 Inch 250w Electric Bike Kit Conversion Wheel is hands-down the simplest to install. Its battery is built right into the wheel’s hub and detaches easily for charging. There’s also no messy controller to mount so all you have to do is install the thumb throttle, install the front wheel, mount the cell phone carrier, connect about 4 plugs and you’re riding. Did we mention there’s a disc rotor on this wheel, too? By far, it has got to be the easiest electric bike kit we’ve ever installed.

#3 48v 1000W 26in Front Wheel FAT TIRE Electric Bicycle Electric Bike Motor Kit– Best Off-Road E-Bike Wheel

The 48v 1000W 26in Front Wheel FAT TIRE Electric Bicycle Electric Bike Motor Kit is exactly what you need to ride trails and paths with ease. This electric fat tire wheel is more than 3.5” wide and compatible with the knobbiest tires you can find. With a powerful 1000w motor you’ll be riding through tough terrain with ease. Trust us, with one of these you’re not getting stuck on any trails.

4. Street Legal Electric Bike Kit – Samsung Power 2.0

Featuring all of the greatness of its predecessor with some major upgrades such as a finely incremented thumb throttle, e-brake sensors so you can use your existing brake levers, matte black Dillenger hub and spokes, and most significantly: the greatly improved, high capacity Samsung battery system.

This geared hub motor is 100% unchanged from previous models, apart from the new decals and matte black finish. We’ve kept this design the same because out of the thousands of units sold all around the world over the last three years there has been zero failures, which in a stressful application such at this is nothing short of astounding. The geared hub motor is 350W (limited to 250W in UK, EU and AUS) and has more torque than you would ever require, no matter the size of the hill or the load on the bike. Waterproof, zero maintenance, quiet, freewheeling (doesn’t drag) and disk brake compatible. This hub motor has been so reliable and great to use that it has found it’s way into many of our new e-bikes. Due to the torque we recommend the ARC Torque Arm for this kit

The new Dillenger street legal kit is a great option for those looking to convert their every day bike into electric, where the finished product is a subtle conversion resembling a factory-made electric bike. The kit is made to universally fit any regular bike in 24″, 26″, 700C, 28″ or 29er (just check your tire sidewall for your wheel size). There’s no ‘tricks of the trade’ involved in installing this kit, it’s designed to be assembled by a total rookie. If you get stuck, you can always just give us a call for help! Because bicycle forks are made to fit industry standard bicycle hubs, this enables us to produce a motor and wheel that is capable of fitting any regular mountain bike, cruiser, BMX, commuter, tricycle or road bike. If you’re wondering exactly what’s involved, download our manual which is located above this text.

  • Susan
    Posted at 22:29h, 11 August

    It would be nice if you included kits for the 700c bicycle wheel.

  • Frank
    Posted at 22:29h, 11 August

    HI I am contacting from France. How can I be dealer for those kits in France

  • Isaah
    Posted at 22:30h, 11 August

    I have a Schwinn Beach Cruiser bike. It was a pretty heavy bike to ride, especially going up hills. I live in a very hilly area. I decided to look at adding
    a motor of some sort to assist me in going up those hills. I looked at a lot of different options from different vendors. I happened to find GigaByke advertising
    different options from gas motors to electric bike motors. I chose the GigaByke 26 48v 1000w Pro Series 7 -Speed Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit + Battery. It
    was just what I needed. When I received my purchase I received the battery first by USPS. Then I received the bike kit by UPS. Both arrived in good condition,
    and I was ready to install the bike kit. Good instructions were provided and I got good help from YouTube videos.

    After assembly was complete, I connected the battery cable to the controller, turned on the battery switch, and turned on the control panel. It lit up. Then I raised the
    rear wheel of the bike off the floor and pressed the throttle control. The motor started. I was a happy camper. I have ridden the bike for several weeks now and have
    over 200 + miles on the odometer. It has plenty of power to get me up the hills. I have to be very careful with my speed as not to exceed 20 mph speed limit for electric bikes. It is fun to ride. I think it can go a bit faster if I am careful not to get a ticket.

  • David Micol
    Posted at 22:30h, 11 August

    I recently purchased the kit for myself. I was impressed with the quality of the kit and all that was included. The rear wheel included the tire and inner tube. The rim and spokes are of heavy duty material. The controller is also of good quality as well as all the other components.

    After assembly was complete, it was time for a test run. The run was very impressive. I live in a very hilly area. I found it can take the hills with no problem at all. I will not have to walk my bike to get to the top ever again. I can now go places I could not go to before. The hills are no longer a problem for me now. It is money well spent.

  • Jason
    Posted at 22:33h, 11 August

    I installed this kit on two bikes recently. The first one took about 1.5 hours and the second one only about 40 minutes. I think the directions could be more explicit and the photos clearer to make it easier to install, but overall, it is pretty simple once you understand it. In fact, I didn’t need to reference the instructions at all on my second install.

    I love the pedal assist power and the ability to use bike purely on electric power via the thumb throttle. It zooms along at greater than 30km/hr with the thumb throttle alone, which is a blast. I also like the way the pedal assist works — “+” to increase assist, “-” to decrease. Very intuitive and simple as you ride along.

    In trying to decide between front hub or rear hub power, I read that the front hub bikes feel “weird” as the hub pulls you along. I didn’t notice that at all, and neither did my wife or friends we’ve had try the bikes out. We also own rear hub electric bikes and this one rides the same to me, albeit with a bit more power than my factory electric bike has.

    My only suggestion for improvement would be to have the connecting cables come in”do it yourself” lengths, either with a series of short cables you could add to get the ideal length, or some other method that would allow optimal cable length. I ended up with way longer cables than I needed and the extra length is a bit unsightly regardless of how I tried to deal with it on my bike frames. Doesn’t look terrible, but would be a lot cleaner if cable length was adjustable to each application.

  • Frankie
    Posted at 22:33h, 11 August

    My 8-speed 700c mountain hybrid I got Years ago is way easy to get around now. Hills are no problem. The range is insane. The acceleration is like a supercharger. The only issue is you can be going so fast and smooth w/ pedal assist you can Easily day dream which pretty much made me swap ends w/ the bike by braking so hard almost hitting a parked vehicle at night. Of course I got injured but not too bad. 🙁 Bike is fine though!!

  • Fahrrad Stuttgart
    Posted at 22:34h, 11 August

    Is it possible to be a distributor of Dillenger in Europe? Do they have conformity ?

  • Kirk
    Posted at 22:34h, 11 August

    I know my bike so much for riding it for Years and my God it was so damn EASY to do 21.3mph.

    Before to get even 11-13mph on a speed sign was A lot of work. Doing 21.3mph was Effortless. I was going so damn fast w/ no effort. : )

    When I first got on the gearing was set for me to take it easy (2 on main speed 8) but I was going fast and effortless like I was on low low gear lmao so I shifted up the main crank gear to 3 and the rear to 8 and damnn. I was going so fast my brakes no longer work too good anymore and it’s not even wet. : )

    Mind you I was trying to get a carbon fiber race bicycle years ago and I was trying hard, I got smoked by an electric beach cruiser so I got an R6. No one should even get a carbon fiber bicycle. Just get this setup on a 700c!!!!

    If you go faster than 20mph you have to get hydraulic brakes but you might as well get a Sportsbike. I do 163mph lol, you don’t need to go faster than 21.3mph on a bicycle. The feeling is like the same fun wise. This is the best. I’m so damn happy.

  • Clara
    Posted at 22:34h, 11 August

    A recent move to hilly Santa Fe, NM, USA had me considering giving up biking altogether. It was becoming too difficult for my aging legs and bum knee. I considered e-bikes, selling my old 21 speed and buying a purpose-built electric. Then another thought came along: why not convert the old bike to an e-bike with a kit? I looked online at a lot of kits and finally decided on the Dillenger. The price was right, and the review video made it look like a simple matter to convert my bike from pedal power to electric power. Now I can say, after only a few rides with this kit, that I’m loving it. It allows me to keep on riding, when I had thought my riding days were over.

    I had a few problems with the install. The first was with the front wheel motor rubbed on the inside of the fork, but Dillenger’s excellent support helped me solve that one. The second was that the drink cage mounts for the battery were toast, meaning I would have to find a workaround. Again, Dillenger suggested a fix which enabled the battery mount. After that, it was smooth sailing. The handlebar controls and wiring, even the pedal-assist mechanism, which comes in two pieces and attaches with the help of a large circlip, were a snap to install. And I was soon riding my new-old ebike.

    Initially, I thought the steep hills around my home would offer a big challenge, but the pedal-assist feature flattened them such that I almost felt I was riding on level ground. I discovered quickly that I don’t need the throttle that much, but it comes in handy to get me going from a standing start on an uphill or from a red light. Then I simply use pedal assist, or no assist on flat or downhill terrain (a zero setting on the controls), and I’m off and riding. I love this kit.

  • Raphael Nascimento
    Posted at 22:35h, 11 August

    I hesitated as i knew the battery and PAS wouldn’t fit my full suspension bike. I went for it finally getting a rack to mount the battery and glued bucky balls to my small chain ring for the pedaling sensor. This was a must as I want to ride trails to work and PAS is all that is allowed on them. I rode today 16 miles on PAS level 9 and the battery didn’t seem to drain hardly at all so I think 60 miles is quite possible! That is with a 200 lb rider and some good hills on and off road!

  • Adrian
    Posted at 22:35h, 11 August

    I have a shop where I pursue my hobbies that is about 3 miles from my condominium. I have always wanted to ride my bike there on nice days, but when I tried it once, I was defeated by the hilly terrain. Even in the lowest gear, I could only make it a quarter way up the steepest hill on the route. I inquired of Dillenger whether their unit would make it up these hills, They said “Probably, but we can’t be sure”. I decided to take a chance and ordered their unit.

    I had no trouble installing it on my old Bridgestone road bike. I left off the brake sensors and the pedal assist sensor, partly because of some previous reviews here and the fact that I consider them to be redundant. (I always get off the throttle in my car before I hit the brakes; why should this be different?). When I tried the hill that defeated me previously, I decided I should have some power, so I set the PAS to level 8. I went right up my previous nemesis at 18 mph without pedaling! At that moment, I knew I had made the correct choice.

    I have had the unit for three weeks now and have abut 200 miles on it. Now I just set it a PAS level 5 and ride it using the thumb throttle. I pedal on level ground and up hills. I can maintain a steady 15 mph and still get my exercise. I sometimes go for a ride in the evening just for the fun of it. This is the perfect setup for me, and it’s not immediately obvious that it’s anything other than a regular old bicycle. I am 76 years old, and I can see the looks on my friends and neighbors faces when they see me powering up the hills around here. They think I’m some kind of a Superman.

    I do have a couple of concerns. The first is that I believe it allows me to go too fast for the old rim brakes. To that extent, I have ordered a set of disk brakes that should be up to the increased performance. Now that this has become a reliable secondary mode of transportation, I find I ride it more and at some busier times than I used to. To this end, I have ordered a combination turn signal and stoplight so that the other people on the road will be aware of me and what I intend to do. The only other concern I have is about the longevity of the unit. It looks like I will be putting 50-100 miles a week on the unit. Up here with our weather, that means I will be putting around 2000 miles a year on the unit. If it will go 500 miles, it will probably outlast me.

    Again, I am very happy with the unit, and although I can’t speak for Dillenger, in my experience, it will take just about any hill you will encounter in regular road riding in stride and not miss a beat.

  • Brian
    Posted at 22:35h, 11 August

    Bought this kit originally for a 24″ BMX cruiser but at a 30 mile round trip commute it was tiring and not efficient. Replaced it with a 27.5″ city bike and am much happier. Customer service via email was responsive and suggested I lace into a 27.5 rim with 235mm spokes. It turned out great and I average about 20 mph on level 4 (0-5 PAS levels) with relaxed effort. One brake sensor was bad and they promptly sent me another set. The battery indicator on the display always shows all bars for some reason. After a 15 mile trip the voltage reading is about 37-38 volts from 42 volt charge. Minor inconvenience but I wish that meter was correct.
    I’m happy after about 190 miles.

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