TQ 120S

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TQ 120S

The TQ120S is a true power-pack. With its enormous torque of 120 Nm it leaves the entire competition behind.

TQ 120S | 120 Nm | manufacturer-specific battery capacity

Even in the third of five support levels, the motor can easily keep up with all other motors ridden in their highest support level. In order to modulate the motor on technical terrain you’re better off reducing the power slightly. Whichever cadence you’re pedalling at, the TQ always provides you with enough power. In the highest support level we feel a noticeable amount of delay which can be reduced with lesser pressure on the pedals. When reaching the 25-km/h threshold – this happens quickly – the support fades out comfortably without any noticeable drag. Perfect!

Torque 120 Nm
Battery capacity manufacturer-specific
Motor weight 3.9 kg
Battery weight manufacturer-specific

Support levels 5
App-controllable yes
Walk-assist yes
Compatible with front derailleur yes

Thanks to its rounded design and a diameter of just 14 cm, the TQ120S is particularly easy to integrate into the frame. Although TQ gives manufacturers a choice for the displays and batteries, we recommend a bigger battery: lots of power also means lots of energy consumption. The biggest disadvantage of the TQ 120S? Not many manufacturers are using it on their bikes yet. However, this will change soon!


– Most powerful motor yet
– No internal drag
– Compact sizing


– Lots of power needs lots of battery
– Not very popular (yet)

For more info head to: tq-drives.com

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