VanMoof X3 Review

Vanmoof X3 review

VanMoof X3 Review

The VanMoof is one of the electric-assisted two-wheeler brands, well-known for the versatile performance it delivers. The latest models of VanMoof have been launched at the right time since the global pandemic directs people to avoid public transportation. Let’s check our review of Vanmoof X3 and see if the rumors turn out to be true. Most likely, you will love the feeling of VanMoof X3.

Frame and tires

The compact frame of the VanMoof X3 makes it a perfectly agile ride to tackle quick getaways. The design with its integrated lights and lock can be defined as nothing but flawless. A smaller version of the VanMoof S3 with tires of 28 inches, the X3 rolls on 24-inch wheels. 

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Motor and brakes

When it comes to the motor, the VanMoof X3 is capable of providing up to 25 km/h, the EU legal limit, as well as generating 59Nm turbo boost torque for strong starts. The hydraulic brakes are fully integrated for ultimate power in braking regardless of the weather conditions.


The battery of 504Wh is integrated into the frame and can’t be removed, translating into the fact that the X3 has a flawless design yet the necessity to plug the e-bike directly into an outlet for recharging. The X3 features some key specs such as a turbo boost button to quickly bump your speed, an automatic four-speed gearbox, and a securing kick lock on the rear wheel which is capable of activating the motion-sensitive alarm.

As stated by the manufacturer the VanMoof X3 offers from 37 to 93 miles of range, depending on the level of assistance. Even if you ride on the turbo mode it is more than enough for daily commuting around the city. But the key here is that it won’t let you down by unexpectedly running off provided that you have your charging routine.

What’s more?

Although it is smaller, it is perfectly suitable for riders of tall sizes, plus it makes a perfect e-bike to ride in dense urban environments. You can park in tiny spaces you find between two skyscrapers, or you can carry it via the elevator.

Now, the downsides. The app to connect the e-bike to your smartphone apparently works better with the Android devices, as the iOS versions had to be forced to quit while unlocking the e-bike. Despite its sleek appearance, the optional metal basket to be mounted on the front delivers poor functionality, caused by the low density of its wires. The display consisting of dot-matrix tires the eye and makes it hard to get the information you need, almost impossible under sunlight.

Advantages: VanMoof X3 Review

  • Flawless design
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Range long enough for running daily errands

Disadvantages: VanMoof X3 Review

  • Display is hard to read
  • App has to be improved
  • The metal basket is not that functional


It is certain that the VanMoof X3 is one of the e-bikes which are the most practical for running daily errands around the city. Being an amazing e-bike, the VanMoof X3 will surely make a difference in your daily life.

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