Yamaha PW-X

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Yamaha PW-X

The Yamaha PW-X is another real power-pack and pulls powerfully with its big torque of up to 80 Nm.

The motor gives you great support from the moment you touch the cranks, which can be annoying when you’re standing and even dangerous for beginners (since the motor starts pushing powerfully even with the slightest pressure on the pedals).
On the other hand, it is a godsend if you’re trying to start up on a steep gradient. The support in the lower cadence range is truly impressive. When things get steep and the cadence is lower, the Yamaha PW-X motor delivers lots of torque. Unfortunately, the motor loses noticeable amounts of power at a higher cadence – for example, when accelerating before a big climb. Five support levels allow you to modulate the power of the motor. It sensitively regulates the support stages and feels very discreet when hitting the 25 km/h threshold. On top of that, it decouples almost entirely above that and lets you pedal without requiring too much effort.

Torque 80 Nm
Battery capacity 500 Wh
Motor weight 3.1 kg
Battery weight ca. 3 kg

Support levels 5
App-controllable no
Walk-assist yes
Compatible with front derailleur yes

As bike manufacturers are free to choose their displays and batteries, Haibike and Giant are currently settling on very different concepts. The motor is compatible with 2x cranks and front derailleurs, but we wouldn’t recommend this setup. The narrow Q factor (168 mm) makes for a natural pedal stroke.


– Very powerful
– Starts well on climbs
– Narrow Q factor


– Jolts when standing
– Power loss at high cadence

For more info head to: yamaha-motor.com

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